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  1. hmy7k

    Sepang is so 2014

    I think its Ara Blue - Available on the R8 at present. Saw one at Goodwood and its very smart - a refreshed Sprint Blue. Its not on the options list though for the standard A4 so maybe reserved for the S4.
  2. hmy7k

    Dilemma - S5?

    I am in a similar dilemma, I have a 3.0 Tdi and I am looking for something more involving and nimble to drive although I need a reasonable sized car. An S4 would fit the bill nicely but the current model is quite dated now, particularly the chassis and the technology. When the new models arrive...
  3. hmy7k

    S3 Sportback or Golf R Estate?

    I have a soft spot for blue, currently Scuba Blue, so Sepang does it for me. I do find the Scuba shows swirl marks which I dont like, is Sepang similar in that respect. I found this picture in another thread: Makes me think Nogaro maybe, as an alternative, anyone seen one in Nogaro. But is it...
  4. hmy7k

    S3 Sportback or Golf R Estate?

    Not interested in a Jag XF, too big, if I was I would probably go for an A6 BiTDi. Want something more nimble. The current S4 is too similar to my Avant and handling is a bit so so. Was going to wait for the new model S4 but that is 12-18 months away. I agree with comments on the looks of the...
  5. hmy7k

    S3 Sportback or Golf R Estate?

    Seriously considering placing an order for an S3 to the following spec: Stronic Sepang Blue Hill Hold Super Sport Seats LED Lights Magnetic Ride B&O Black Styling Pack Privacy Glass Adaptive Cruise Technology Pack with Phone Prep I am coming from an A4 3.0 Tdi Quattro Avant as I want something...