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    2.0 Tdi BLB engine advice

    Thanks for that Looking at the price of that you have made my mind up to forget it! The cost will just push the price up way too much for what I am after paying! to cover around 1500 miles a year its not really worth it
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    2.0 Tdi BLB engine advice

    My brother has a A4 avant with the above engine fitted it has around 130k on the clock and he has offered me it fairly cheap! I have read bits about oil pump failures and did warn him before he bought it but he went ahead anyway I know you can buy parts to replace the oil pump and balance...
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    1.9tdi struggling to get above 70

    Hi all I got a text off my mate today telling me his car is struggling to get over 70! he says it drives fine otherwise just when it gets to 70 it struggles to pull! My initial thought is the turbo He is away at the min so not had chance to drive it or plug in VCDS to check things out...
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    Turbo or Remap??

    You need to do all before a remap otherwise once you mod it again with a new turbo or free flowing exhaust the map could be all wrong
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    And another thing

    Pull the plugs apart on the pads and short them out with a bit of wire
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    time to say goodbye!!

    Paul I will let you know when I pick it up on wednesday :) Icarus83 I will get pics for you they are 4300k 55w slim ballast kit 2 bulbs 2 ballasts 6000k 35w large ballasts 2 bulbs 2 ballasts
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    time to say goodbye!!

    cheers guys Pauldazzle when I took one on a test drive I took it on a runway ;) and had it up to 90 and it was quieter than my A4 so yours could be due to tyres I didnt notice any more noise from the rear whilst driving Is anyone interested in a set of HID's out of my A4 I have a set of...
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    time to say goodbye!!

    Well after 6 years its time to say goodbye The B6 has got to the point where its no longer viable to throw money at it so as of Wednesday its going! Although I'm not staying with Audi but I'm not going far though I'm staying with VAG pick up this seat ibiza FR 1.2 tsi on wednesday I dont...
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    vag com results help!

    Mine did it just didnt work efficiently especially when not moving! I suppose it could depend on what wires are causing it not to run!
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    vag com results help!

    I had a problem with the fan about 2 years ago If I got stuck in traffic my aircon would blow warm until moving it turned out the fan was not coming on further investigation found a lot of corrosion on the fan controller which is mounted with the fan All the wiring was all furred up and a...
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    Has the callipers been moved or just photo?

    as above its surface rust and sun/shadow rust can be a sign of both cheap and expensive discs!! expensive ones have a very high amount of iron content which helps braking but they rust really quick chances are they are just cheap ones though as high iron content discs are mostly on race...
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    Interior Stickers/decals....

    I wouldnt recommend using them at all as they will react with the plastic like mine have and all bubble up and look much worse
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    temperature when running

    you need a new GENUINE stat its located just behind the alternator and can be a bit fiddly if the stat doesnt do the trick then you need a temp sensor
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    No Coil Light

    oil pump is not a common problem on these if it was a 2.0 tdi with the blb engine code then yes!! as above it needs to be plugged in it could be something not related to the oil
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    Possible wheel bearing issue

    the only way to check it is to jack it up and give it a good wobble to see if it has play! or go to a MOT test station and get them to check it on the ramp you can get the bearings for about £35 - £90 if you are going to fit it yourself then give me a shout I have some top tips for ya seen...
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    who has the biggest mileage a4?

    over 310k here on my 1.9 tdi :D
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    Temperature issue.

    is this all stationary? or whilst driving? if stationary then it will go down a little while you sap some of the heat from the coolant whilst driving it should remain steady ish or drop a little then come back up
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    cat delete!

    thats the same shape as my cat though!! mines a 1.9tdi avb engine code
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    Newby help required please.

    engine block 4 and its the last one
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    Newby help required please.

    £250 for VCDS and nothing else is as good other code readers don't do a lot with these cars to be honest yes the ebay jobby is very limited but will do the torsion value and some code reading I may even have one you can have for postage I will need to check