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  1. hmy7k

    Post your B8 eBay, Classified and For Sale links in here. Do not create a thread

    My Low Mileage Audi A4 Avant Quattro 3.0 TDi Black Edition 2012 Facelift for sale.
  2. hmy7k

    S4 or wait for for new model?

    I am told that dealers are being shown the new A4 this month in Germany ahead of a public reveal at the end of the month. May be worth holding fire to see what they reveal.
  3. hmy7k

    Watch that MOT cover....

    On a slight aside I have had an MOT failure a couple of times where there has been damage to the inside of the tyre wall. This isn't obvious until the car is up on a ramp so worth checking these as well if you can.
  4. hmy7k

    S4 or wait for for new model?

    I have just been through this thought process as I am looking to change. I did nearly order an S4 then I came to my senses and realised that as soon as the new model is out I would want one of those so buying an S4 would be a short term move and probably an expensive one. I toyed with an S3...
  5. hmy7k

    Yet another Sepang S4

    Well I have just ordered an S4 Avant in Sepang Blue, on a 2 year lease to tide me over until the B9 S4 arrives. I have gone for a Black Nav edition with Hill Hold and Heated seats. I didn't want to speck it up as its not a keeper. The lease rates are pretty good (2/3 the cost of an XE S) and I...
  6. hmy7k

    ContiSport 3's

    I had those on my 3.0 Tdi and had similar problems. I now have Michelin PS3's and they have transformed the car, no more tramlining and snatching. If I had known how much difference they would make I would have ditched the Continentals sooner.
  7. hmy7k

    Stop/Start - Do You Use It?

    I have it in my car which is a manual and I have no issues with it. Dont always understand why it works when it does and why it starts up again for no apparent reason. Haven't driven a s-tronic with it to compare but on a manual its never been an issue. Much rather find a way to keep the Hill...
  8. hmy7k

    Blufin for a 2012 3.0tdi - Any Advice?

    I have been told there is a superchips dealer near to me so going to drop in and have a word with them. Trouble with borrowing one is if I then have to change something or try a different map then its not going to be straightforward.
  9. hmy7k

    Blufin for a 2012 3.0tdi - Any Advice?

    I asked a couple of days ago if there was a workaround to the pc issue and two days later I have just received this reply "We are sorry the software is not Mac compatible." Helpful - no Prompt - no I am not convinced they want the business.
  10. hmy7k

    Blufin for a 2012 3.0tdi - Any Advice?

    Its sounds like the Bluefin is the way to go. Not too keen on the tuning boxes that seem to be limited as to what they can control. The only issue I have is that you appear to need a PC to upload it and I only have a mac. I am going to contact them to see if they have a workaround.
  11. hmy7k

    Blufin for a 2012 3.0tdi - Any Advice?

    I would like to be able to remove the remap if necessary as the car is still under warranty or if I don't like it.
  12. hmy7k

    Blufin for a 2012 3.0tdi - Any Advice?

    I am seriously considering a blufin as above. Mine's a manual by the way. Has anyone else tried one and have any experiences advice they could share before I take the plunge. I am particularly interested in any reliability issues, I am not looking for absolute max power.
  13. hmy7k

    Potential New B8.5 A4 Avant or S4 Owner - Question Help!

    You need a 3.0Tdi then, plenty of performance and decent economy and very smooth engine. I average high thirties.
  14. hmy7k

    Pilot Super Sport 255/35r19

    I have just replaced my Conti's with a set of Michelin Pilot Sport 3 and I can confirm also that they are a big improvement. I had tramlining issues and these have disappeared now. Getting rid of the tramlining has made driving the car so much easier, grip seems pretty similar but maybe a...
  15. hmy7k

    B8 3.0 TDI real world MPG?

    3.0 Tdi -245 does an average of 37.2 according to fuelly log and DIS reads 38.6 so not too big a discrepancy.
  16. hmy7k

    Power steering groan

    Could be a dry bearing at the top of the strut. Had a similar noise on a VW California and the bearing was replaced and it was fine.
  17. hmy7k

    iPod with MMI, slightly annoying issue

    Mines the same, when it initialises it randomly starts playing the first track of the first artist. I have moved to using the sd card as I am fed up with the same track but the sd card doesnt work with every track some tracks wont play on the sd card and I don't know why.
  18. hmy7k

    IPOD/MMI Question

    I find that sometimes it holds the last playlist and other times it starts from the beginning. Wish I knew why.
  19. hmy7k

    Facelift Steering Software Update

    It would be interesting to see the TSB on this. Been on a decent trip today and the feel of the steering is actually much much better. IT feels more precise whilst cornering whereas it did used to feel a bit vague at times. Definitely worth having done.
  20. hmy7k

    Facelift Steering Software Update

    Had it updated today and cant say there is much difference but it does feel more direct and less vague. The service advisor did say that it was primarily to deal with the above mentioned cold weather issue which I had never experienced.