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  1. Jbradford97

    B9.5 / B9 bumpers

    I'm keen to do this as well. Where is the best place to source used B9.5 bumpers?
  2. Jbradford97

    Black Badges

    Yep that's the same splitter - I bought it from their website, but you can see from the ebay seller name that both are direct. It's doesn't that much depth to the bumper. I've only caught it once and that was with one side of the car on a kerb and going into a large dip It was a bit of a pain...
  3. Jbradford97

    Black Badges

    I've since added a splitter and tinted the rear reflectors (in the bumper)
  4. Jbradford97

    Black Badges

    For my B9 I think I bought them from the dealership? I seem to remember Basingstoke Audi was able to do a good price on them. But for my B8 I brought them from ebay.
  5. Jbradford97

    A4 LED lights in France

    Whilst I don't have LED bulbs, mine automatically adjusted when I arrived on the continent. I'd done a lot of searching in the MMI to try and find the setting as per my previous B8.5
  6. Jbradford97

    Help with finding a part number - S line front grill insert

    Hi there, I've been digging around trying to find a replacement bumber inset (black grill bit) for my 2017 A4 Black edition But I'm not having much luck - I can only find the non S line versions: Can anyone point me in the right...
  7. Jbradford97

    Maxton design front splitter - photo request for white coloured Black edition

    I'm considering getting a Maxton Design for my white coloured B9 Black Edition, however I'm not sure if it will be too unsubtle for me. So does anyone have photos of what their splitter (V1 or V2) looks like on a white coloured Black Edition
  8. Jbradford97

    Rear Number Plate

    I struggled with 1mm tape and ended up having to double and treble it up.
  9. Jbradford97

    Little lockdown project...

    The photos look good One bit you missed is the side blades they should be black as well (for a true BE)
  10. Jbradford97

    Recommendations / advice on Avant boot liner

    Thanks for the pointers, these are helpful
  11. Jbradford97

    Recommendations / advice on Avant boot liner

    I'm thinking of getting a boot liner for my Avant, and of course there are lots of different options on ebay, Amazon.... With this in mind does anyone have any recommendations or advice on what to look for (or not) in an A4 B9 boot liner?
  12. Jbradford97

    What did you & your B9 do today?

    Looks good It reminds me, has anyone tired tinting the reflectors in the rear bumper? I'm thinking they would look good matching rear lights and blend better into the black insert panel that links them
  13. Jbradford97

    Black Badges

    before and after photos for you
  14. Jbradford97

    Turn off passenger airbag "bing" (on start up)

    Is there a way that I can turn off the "bing" that you get to tell you that the passenger airbag is active? Sorry if this has been asked before.
  15. Jbradford97


    answering your question: Where’s the warning triangle? (2015 A4 Avant) its in storage area in the tailgate itself - behind the number plate (but from the inside)
  16. Jbradford97

    A4 Dynamik Owners Thread

    What is the rear bumper insert? it looks like its just for a twin tail pipes
  17. Jbradford97

    Easy retro fits?

    Is there a write up / advice on converting the door mirror to dynamic ones?