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  1. VeeDub Geezer

    Top Gear Reminder!!!

    *Thanks girlfriends parents for the Freeview box we got for crimbo before last* thats if BB3 is visable (we get shocking reception on BBC1, 2 and 3)
  2. VeeDub Geezer

    Electric Cars and the Environment

    i like the idea of bio fuels like E85 as shown in the Lotus Elise 265E
  3. VeeDub Geezer

    No Rice meet.......

    always a good meet but its a shame there aint many Audi's.. was great to finally meet ya Olly!!
  4. VeeDub Geezer

    Think MS paint is crap?? Think again!!!

    thats impressive!
  5. VeeDub Geezer


    i had problems with Firefox as i couldnt log into some forums at all! id fill in log-in info and it would simply refresh to the page (albeit not signed in at all)
  6. VeeDub Geezer

    The best thing about Rubbish TV

    the best one was monday nights "celebrity chest" it was a lovely chest indeed...
  7. VeeDub Geezer

    Travel Tax Petition

    i do hate this country sometimes.. i wouldnt mind paying nearly £200 a year tax if i saw improvements in the road systems and quality of the roads.. they seem to be getting worse!
  8. VeeDub Geezer

    Dash illumination

    same in the Corrado
  9. VeeDub Geezer

    Speeding Points - Poll

    looks like thats the only pussy he'll be getting anytime soon...
  10. VeeDub Geezer

    Dash illumination

    we have an LED interior "bulb". it got moved across from my mk4 when i had to sell it.. only problem is peeps keep asking if we have neons in there :puke2:
  11. VeeDub Geezer


    i was using firefox on my old pc as i was running XP Home and wireless broadband on a desktop running 64meg of ram firefox ran 1,000,000 times faster in that situation (having the tabs rather than to browser windows before IE7 came out) now running IE7 without problems but may switch back to...
  12. VeeDub Geezer

    Christmas Shopping

    i had crimbo shopping... im off to eBay
  13. VeeDub Geezer

    Should the Pope be treated as a terrorist ?

    its late and there are too many words on the screen and none of them seem to be funny... :sos: :think: my brain hurts :(
  14. VeeDub Geezer

    Speeding Points - Poll

    if i got caught speeding id take the points and they would teach me a lesson.. thats my opinion and i believe it to be "right"
  15. VeeDub Geezer

    The best thing about Rubbish TV

  16. VeeDub Geezer

    A Mile stone in my Life

    well done mate.. who knows.. maybe one day ill join this exclusive club
  17. VeeDub Geezer

    A3s being broken.

    just checked the site, our 8P chassis car has internal fire damage. you looking for the speedo clocks or the dash carcass?
  18. VeeDub Geezer

    A3s being broken.

    are you looking for a 2003 on (8P) chassis car? or a facelift Upto 2003 (8L) check our site click "Used Car Parts" and view the breakers. cant remeber if the car has a complete dash from memory
  19. VeeDub Geezer

    Dash illumination

    what i meant was the dash is always as bright as it will go the headlight thing is cos they are poor as standard..
  20. VeeDub Geezer

    Dash illumination

    the Corrados are always on full tilt!! normally brighter than the headlights anyways :blink: