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    Injector issue

    Obv get the injectors tested for flow also
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    Injector issue

    Don't know the engine in your car but I had a Mini before and there was a intercooler leak which sounded like what you're getting. I was misdiagnosed multiple times before they found it.
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    Upgraded ARB’s question

    Maybe you need something like the EDM kit. I have a S4 and EDM sells a stage 1 kit, you get rear ARB only and a set of lowering springs. This is dial out the understeer. Though I have only noticed this on right angle turns, sweepers aint so bad. I dunno about the RS3.
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    Anyone tried Racingline Springs on B9?

    As titled, I got s S4 and want something a little firmer on corners, the drop of 20-25mm is about right for me taking into account maybe a front lip in the future. Has anyone tried these here, any feedback?
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    B9 tuning options

    Nora, are you running stock B9 S4 with Unicorn Stage 1 + TCU remap? Can you give a short review of how the car feels compared to before please mate?
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    Has anyone got rear cupholder retrofit instructions?

    Thanks, tbh I was hoping it was just a armrest swap at the most.
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    Has anyone got rear cupholder retrofit instructions?

    As per title, stupidly for £100 the the previous owner skipped the option, now I'm looking to fit rear cupholders. Cheers.