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    Problems with Retrofitted 360 Cameras.

    its Showing the front at the back and the back at the front, for the side camera. If any of that makes any sense whatsoever. A breakers in London will fit one they’ve got and if it doesn’t work they will take it back out and not charge me for the effort. 5 hr round trip though, need to find one...
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    Problems with Retrofitted 360 Cameras.

    I've had the 360 cameras retrofitted to my B9 A5, unfortunately the driver's side camera displays back to front. The fitter has said I might need a new Control Module, but at £600+vat its a big gamble as they're not 100% sure it is going to fix it. Anyone got experience of this? Cheers all!
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    All In Warranty.

    Anyone used the warranty with the all in package yet? What did you get done? Or did they let you down and not cover something you felt they should?
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    LHD Wing Mirrors.

    I’ve massively ballsed up, I bought electric folding wing mirrors with the 360 cameras. I didn’t realise they were LHD and the seller just said they were compatible when I asked. Does anyone know if the body internals can be swapped out so the mirrors can be adjusted for optimal visibility? I...
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    Can you recommend a retrofitter?

    Happy Sunday! I’ve purchased folding wing mirrors with surround view, just need to find someone that can fit and code it all for me. Think I’ve got a couple of parts missing so someone that can source the right parts will be good too, or at least tell me what I need to find. Looking around the...
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    Changing the LED Cill Light

    Crap yeah forgot to put the details down. Have done a parts request. Cheers. it’s for a B9 coupe.
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    Changing the LED Cill Light

    Bump. Was hoping to get it fixed under warranty but wasn’t covered.
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    Changing the LED Cill Light

    The LED strip light in my cill doesn’t work. Anyone know the part number for it? Is it easy to change?
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    Door cill light failure.

    Had them look at it whilst in for a service, not covered under the extended warranty.
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    Best Loan / Courtesey cars you’ve had?

    A6 avant. ****** loved it.
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    De-Chroming the A5!

    Haven't got round to doing it yet, the rest of the car needs a clean.
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    De-Chroming the A5!

    Just had my window surrounds done, ****** love it. Looks so damn good.
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    B9 satnav settings.

    My satnav takes me down little country lanes when there is a better route on a main road. My old A5 would have taken me down the main road. what settings do I need to avoid lanes and dirt tracks where possible? The manual was unhelpful.
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    MMI crashed today!

    The adaptive cruise uses it for reading speed signs and the maps I think.
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    MMI crashed today!

    Did anyone ever get to the root of this problem, mine will crash all the time now. Audi can’t look at it for a few weeks.
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    Audi UTR (oem) retrofit

    I’ve had a few BlackVues, generally really good.
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    Thats a lot of wedge. What sort of figures would that get you?
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    Audi money pot

    Thought you’d spelt pit wrong when I first saw the title.
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    They’re just outside Stroud, a few minutes from the M5.
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    I’ll be going to TRD for mine, when the time comes. Think it’s a little more expensive but the quality of their work when I had my old TT done was beyond reproach. No rolling road on-site though.