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    A5 vs S3

    Thank you, that's a helpful perspective. One of my thoughts was a stage 1 remap might make the A5 feel more lively, so it's useful to know it didn't for your TTS. I'm not actually coming from an S3, I'm coming from an old diesel Skoda which was why I was surprised the A5 didn't feel fast.
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    A5 vs S3

    Thank you, that's helpful. I don't really mind about other people noticing it. When I say "feel special" I mean more the way the car feels whilst driving it. Might have to start saving up and get a test drive in an S5 now!
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    A5 vs S3

    I had a spin in an A5 45 TFSI recently. It was nice, it looked amazing (personally prefer the look of a well specced A5 over the S5) but it didn't feel special. It was hands down the fastest car I've ever driven, but without looking at the speedo I wouldn't have known it. Maybe this is a by...
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    Just changed from A4 B8 Avant to B9 Avant

    As far as I am aware, all the A4 models (including B8) have longitudinally arranged engines. The A3, Golf, Skodas etc. have a transversely oriented engine.
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    Wanted Looking for B9 A5 Sportback 2.0 TFSI Quattro

    Hey guys, Like the title says, I'm after a B9 A5 Sportback, 2.0 TFSI Quattro (252hp). I'm posting here because they seem to be harder to come by on AutoTrader in the spec I would like. Ideally it would be in Scuba/Navarra blue. Desirable extra: 19 inch alloys, Driving Tour Pack, Virtual...
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    Back to a S5 Again!

    Lovely car and great spec too! It's so hard to find one with the HUD and adaptive cruise control.
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    A5 vs S3

    Thank you, that's very helpful! I hadn't realised that particulate filters had already come to petrol cars too. My current car is an old diesel (pre-DPF) and one of the draws of petrol was lack of particulate filter - although I suppose they should have less issues in petrol cars. The petrol...
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    A5 vs S3

    Thanks for sharing your experience and I'm glad you're enjoying your A5! I'm definitely set on an A5, it looks better imo, is more practical and the interior is nicer. I was mainly just wondering if it's possible to get the power and sound to match the S3 - seeing as both cars have the same...
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    A5 vs S3

    Hi guys, Long time lurker on this forum but currently looking at getting a B9 A5 sportback. I'm after the 2.0/45 TFSI. I've noticed this is the same engine that is found in the S3, however it produces ~310 hp in the S3 compared to the ~250 hp in the A5. The S3 also has a nicer (to my ears at...