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    Side mirror heating

    I am guessing its a common fault. I have the same issue, select the position but the side mirrors do not heat on either side, says on the the dashboard though that it is activated but obviously isn't working. weird that both sides have stopped working, so both mirrors/connectors are damaged at...
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    Audi Connect license renewal

    £115 is a decent price. Mine for some reason is 144£
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    Stop and start

    no, just normally pressing on the gas pedal, had even a passenger once said you've stalled it and i was like it's a auto. it's happened on efficency mode and comfort not that i think that matters
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    Stop and start

    Hi I have an audi a4 b9 66 plate about 70k miles never had a vehcile with stop and start generally i turn it off for this one reason as it worries me and happened quite a few times when i am driving and the car comes to a stop and turns off, all is fine but when when i move off and the car...