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    E38 Brembos?

    Is anyone using E38 4pot Brembos? They are much cheaper than the LCR ones, but should work fine with correct adapters...
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    K04-064 Tfsi turbo to 1.8 20vt engine

    Mine with K04-064 made 348hp and 520Nm
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    Bigger injectors and MFA fuel consumption readings?

    So no easier way via Vagcom?
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    Bigger injectors and MFA fuel consumption readings?

    Hello all, I am running 630cc injectors and the fuel consumption on the board computer is not correct as you would expect. Is there a way to calibrate the computer for the new injectors so that it show correct fuel consumption?
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    Upgraded actuator for K04-064?

    Hello everybody, I need an upgraded actuator for the K04-064 turbo to hold 22psi to redline. With stock one it manages to peak 22psi but then it holds only 17psi to redline. What are you guys using?
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    S3 8V turbo on S3 8P?

    Actually situation is a little different. I am driving an 1.8T car with adapter for the head to fit the K04-064 from S3 8P and that is why I am asking if the flange to the head is the same. My engine is forged and fully built so power is not a problem and I was thinking that I could fit turbo...
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    S3 8V turbo on S3 8P?

    Because you could go for TTE470 if it is a straight fit.
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    02M gearbox ratios options?

    Currently at 3000 rpm in 6th I am at about 76-77 mph, and I know there are 02M gearboxes with different ratios. Something around 88-90 mph at 3000 rpm in 6th would be very nice since the car is above 300hp and has the power to handle a little longer ratios. I know there are FSM and FJW...
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    options with valeo smh clutch kit

    Good question. I am looking for a SMF kit too that will hold that kind of power as my DMF started making noises. How does Valeo SMF compares to SPI clutches SMF kit or National ck10005f? Which kit would hold most power? Any experience anyone...
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    ARL flywheel, will it fit to 1.8T?

    I have brand new Sachs clutch at less than 5000km and when I changed it old flywheel looked fine. Anyway now car started making some knocking noises at idle and when I press the clutch pedal they disappear, so I suppose my flywheel is gone. Car is 1.8T ARY engine 4x4 02M gearbox and from what I...
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    Quick qestion about 1.8T IE drop in rods?

    I have ARY engine and I got the IE drop in rods with ARP bolts - IERHVA2. I cannot find info anywhere how much NM I should tighten the bolts?
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    Audi A8 D2 3.7 stroke?

    Hello, Does anyone have experience with A8 D2 3.7 V8 engine. It is AGW engine code with 230hp. Bore is the same as 4.2 engine, difference is in stroke. Since I have access to cheap 4.2 parts is it possible to use the 4.2 crankshaft and con rods to increase the displacements of the 3.7 keeping...
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    S3 8V turbo on S3 8P?

    Is the flange to the head the same of the new TSI engines as the old TFSI?
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    Lowering: prokit or sportline

    I have Pro Kit too. I don't think there is Eibach Sportline for the S3 8L.
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    Haldex controller for highway fuel economy?

    Yes aftermarket controllers are pretty expensive. Point is that here in Bulgaria we have a guy that makes such controllers for pretty decent price. I am not spending 500 GBP to improve fuel economy with 5 MPG. But to spend 100 GBP to get 5 MPG sounds good to me. Anyway I have not bought this...
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    Haldex controller for highway fuel economy?

    From what I know Haldex always transfers some torque on the rear wheels, something like 5%. However Haldex controllers allows complete disabling of torque transmission to rear wheels, and car remains full FWD.
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    Haldex controller for highway fuel economy?

    As I am driving mostly on highways lately, is there any real fuel economy if car is left on front wheel drive only during cruising at higher speeds? Does anyone has some experience?
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    K04-064 Tfsi turbo to 1.8 20vt engine

    450NM is a bit optimistic for OEM rods....
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    S3/A3 Quattro coilovers?

    Your car is looking really good. I am looking for this kind of lowering. However I have Eibach -30mm springs on stock dampers and it is not as low as yours. I wonder if Bilsteins B8 lower the car additionally combined with the springs.....
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    S3/A3 Quattro coilovers?

    What are the most comfortable coilovers? Car is a daily driver and I want it a little lower and as comfortable ride as possible.