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  1. dubplate Dan

    Aircon not working on 97 A4 TDI

    put it on vagcom and its says the sensor (f129) has a fault, my problem is where is it located on the car? any help much appreciated, have read other threads on this but knowone has put where it is on the car:(
  2. dubplate Dan

    new cleaning products arrived earlier ready for the weekend :)

    poorboys ex-p poorboys nattys blue both are awesome products, use sparingly,the more you put on the more you have to remove which is then waisted product. make sure your your paint surface is glass smooth before applying the ex-p
  3. dubplate Dan

    new cleaning products arrived earlier ready for the weekend :)

    i have a few products on your list and would highly recomend them, im jealous, havent ordered any bits and bobs for months now as im trying to use up the mountain of stuff i already have,trouble is people at the moment only want cheap valeting work done which dont get me good but...
  4. dubplate Dan

    Bird crap

    agreed!!! i get this quite alot on customers cars, pain in the backside to put it mildly. the splodge on my mates s3 was on the car for only a couple of hours and the damage coursed was nasty.
  5. dubplate Dan

    when do i apply a glaze?

    after polishing:o.k: then your sealant, then your wax.
  6. dubplate Dan

    some advice on polish please.

    you need a soft pad and some finishing compound, i use autosmart evofine or chemical guys all in one.
  7. dubplate Dan

    BT looks good!!

  8. dubplate Dan

    nail polish removal?i need help :(

    glad you got it sorted dude!
  9. dubplate Dan

    Exhaust Tailpipes

    agreed!!! autosol ftw
  10. dubplate Dan

    Exhaust Tailpipes

    thanks for the linky, halfrauds in crawley charge over a fiver for it.
  11. dubplate Dan

    Exhaust Tailpipes

    as said above regarding autosol plus try a fine finishing compound or if its mega crappy try g3
  12. dubplate Dan

    A3 - help with polish / wax please

    you wont be able to see the contamination until you run a claybar over the car, and to sort the roughness out you will need to get the car done with a rotory to get it completely smooth again. the dealers own wax your describing is proberly a cheap spray wax(a quick fix to make it look the...
  13. dubplate Dan

    b6 A4 Cab - ClearKote Red Moose Glaze

    good job there!!!
  14. dubplate Dan

    Bird crap

    had this problem on my mates s3, tryed polishing it out by hand at the monthly meet we both attend but no joy, he then bought over to my place for its annual detail and i hit it with the rotory using a red finishing pad and a combination of chemical guys all in one and some autosmart evo fine,it...
  15. dubplate Dan

    Big Thanks To Guys At Polished Bliss (Pics Of My Black Edition)

    when i had my mk3 gti i use a combination of chemical guys m-seal or poorboys ex-p, collinite 845 insulator wax and top it off with a layer of dodojuice purple haze or poorboys natty's blue paste wax,(im a detailer by trade:thumbsup:) will be putting a thread up soon of my a4 avant when ive...
  16. dubplate Dan

    nail polish removal?i need help :(

    try some tar and glue remover, should shift it with no probs
  17. dubplate Dan

    Clean S3

    looks good
  18. dubplate Dan

    Big Thanks To Guys At Polished Bliss (Pics Of My Black Edition)

    looks good!!!!! i like it.
  19. dubplate Dan

    TDI Reliability

    as said above, look after it and you will be fine, keep your oil changes regular and change the belts when needed and your problems should be limited.
  20. dubplate Dan

    1.9tdi 110 remap, how will the car cope?

    i take it its all going to be backed up by documents etc, lets us know how you get on.