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  1. Hartwell

    Advanced Key

    This is what Porsche say on their 911 configurator re their 'Entry& Drive' keyless system:- 'Note: The Porsche Entry & Drive System uses state of the art technology. However, it cannot be completely ruled that the key's wireless encryption code is intercepted and used to open or steal the...
  2. Hartwell

    Electric Lumbar support or not?

    I also have a bad back (don't we all when we get a certain age?) and I think it essential. It is a cheap option anyway. I do not agree it is adjust and forget though, on a long journey I adjust it so I am not sitting in the same position for hours.
  3. Hartwell

    1.4 COD not in new A1 or A4?!

    The 1.4 COD engine is still in the A1 brochure (read the footnotes) and the configurator where it is only listed as the 150 ps engine (S-Line trim level) but does not explicitly state COD. Does anyone mention overhead cams, electronic ignition or fuel injection in their brochures anymore - why...
  4. Hartwell

    We're all going on a summer holiday....

    OK, I am pretty certain I was on the west side of the viaduct heading east on the D992 toward the viaduct and the town of Millau beyond (we stayed there the night - not very inspiring overnight in an anonymous modern hotel, probably give it a miss). I stopped off on a small road (dirt track?)...
  5. Hartwell

    We're all going on a summer holiday....

    Its the Millau Viaduct ( and should be an easy drive from Carcassonne. Carcassonne is stunning from a distance. I found it a bit Disneyish when you got inside but still well worth the visit. Book accommodation as the town can get really busy in the...
  6. Hartwell

    We're all going on a summer holiday....

    <-------- Yes, go see this bridge
  7. Hartwell

    Pano Roof rattle

    Yes mine rattles too, even after the same dealer procedure as DJAlix's had allegedly 'fixed' it. Another thread has suggested an application of Gummi Pflege on the rubber seals i.e. as recommended for the rattling windows (which I also have). I have not tried this yet but only because of lack...
  8. Hartwell

    Start/stop activated when in motion

    No question, this is a safety issue that needs immediate attention. If the car is stationary in traffic with stop/start activated, the engine immediately restarts as soon as you allow it to roll (on a slope for example). There is no way it should ever be stopping the engine at speed.
  9. Hartwell

    LED Footwell Light Replacement

    I assume you have checked on the car systems menu that it is turned on?
  10. Hartwell

    S3 Saloon's In Glut Orange & Vegas Yellow Anyone?

    Feeling the love for yellow. Such a great 70's colour. My other car. Now where did I leave my platform boots and loons.....
  11. Hartwell

    Start/Stop stopped working

    Interesting that people find this inoffensive environment saving device so annoying. I have a manual so the engine only stops when I am in neutral and my feet are off all the pedals. Of course if you are in slow moving traffic then you feet remain on the clutch and brake as you know that in...
  12. Hartwell

    LED Headlights VS Adaptive Xenon Plus

    Presumably because Audi would like potential customers to spend money on the LED upgrade in the above brochure extracts there is considerable talking up of features that you get with the standard (rear LEDs/headlight 'cleaning system') or adaptive (cornering lights, navigation/speed dependent...
  13. Hartwell

    LED Headlights VS Adaptive Xenon Plus

    Some of the responses above seem a little misleading. I cannot comment on the LED lights but I have the adaptive lights on an S3 and had adaptive lights on my previous TT. The S3 adaptive headlights swivel and there are in addition (separate) cornering lights. Whilst the S3 adaptive lights...
  14. Hartwell

    Regretted Options?

    DJAlix my sunroof rattle really badly. The car has been in to the garage twice and it is still as bad as ever. You use the same lube as is used on the door seals (I forget the name)? Does this really work as the rattle is driving me nuts. If I cannot fix the rattle the sunroof would...
  15. Hartwell

    VAG Admit Cheating Diesel Emmissions...

    .....and other car brands are up? Or down as well? This is meaningless as a standalone number. We had a similar headline in the UK recently, turned out all car sales were down.
  16. Hartwell

    Inappropriate courtesy cars

    Who are you calling fat and bald!
  17. Hartwell

    Inappropriate courtesy cars

    I did think about the chauffeuring but its not allowed! I was supposed to get a diesel A3 convertible but it was not returned in time. I am not complaining at all - it is surely an upgrade over an A3/S3. I certainly could not afford one and if I could I think I would find something else to...
  18. Hartwell

    Inappropriate courtesy cars

    Not a complaint at all - just an observation. Whilst my S3 was in for a broken and rattling sunroof (again) I was given a black A8. A huge car but felt like there was no more room in the front than the S3 on account of the giant central console. Not really my cup of tea (unless I am in the...
  19. Hartwell

    Spiders inside car!

    Of course you could always put a bird in the car to catch the spider.... but then you would need a cat, then a dog, goat, cow, horse etc. On balance, better just squash it.
  20. Hartwell

    Volks workshop RS3 stolen

    Actually Steeve I was proposing the other way round! (i.e. they should be a sticky). However I can see the merit of leaving them in the normal section so that a new theft is 'flagged up' for all to see. The advantage of a sticky, provided the theft is reported with useful information, is that...