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  1. Blue_Thunder

    Which Android HU to replace B5 Symphony

    I took your sterling advice and got a Kenwood DNX5160DABS. Took an age to figure out how to change Satnav from km to miles, but other than that, seems a very splendid unit. Which facia adaptor did you end up getting? I bought one off eBay, and it wouldn't even go over the Kenwood's cage, so...
  2. Blue_Thunder

    A4 TQS - can I get a CAT B re-categorised

    I thought only certain registered breakers were even allowed to deal with Cat B cars. So how the insurance company could have even sold it back to you is a mystery. Is it at all possible the old insurance company made a clerical error, and reported the car to the DVLA as the wrong category...
  3. Blue_Thunder

    Brake options for 450-500hp

    For that price it's not worth searching any further. That's a bargain, and should be plenty of stopping power. You might want to consider getting some brackets to allow you to fit B6 rear discs with the B5 rear calipers.
  4. Blue_Thunder

    Which Android HU to replace B5 Symphony

    Thanks for the response. And that fit well in a B5?
  5. Blue_Thunder

    Which Android HU to replace B5 Symphony

    Didn't want to clog up the Android RNSE thread with such a specific question. Has anyone fitted a decent Android HU to a B5 in place of a factory fitted Symphony HU? Most of the units I see for sale currently mention "A3/S3" or "A4/S4/RS4" fitment, but that will obviously be the newer models...
  6. Blue_Thunder

    S4 B8 MRC stage 2 carried out AT RMCR Yeovil

    The 'stages' on the B8 S4 are as ambiguous as anything. Some people call a supercharger pulley and remap is Stage 2. (Which really, I think it should be) I believe MRC's 'stage 2' involves a larger crank pulley (allows for more boost than a smaller SC pulley can) and a bigger chargecooler, so...
  7. Blue_Thunder

    dsg fart

    I've got the Milltek Valvesonic. £3k new! Like OEM+ until you open the valves (manually, or autonatically above 4k), then all hell breaks loose. DSG fart sounds like a cannon!
  8. Blue_Thunder

    S4 MMI2G DAB Upgrade

    Do you not think the DAB tuner on its own will be enough? There might need to be a bit of Vagcom coding I suppose.
  9. Blue_Thunder

    Looking to buy

    I recently got one with B&O, and to be honest, totally underwhelmed by it. The Seat Sound stereo in my 2013 Leon sounds far better. Kicking myself, as I didn't buy a really nice MRC Stage 2 car mainly because it didn't have some of the "must have" spec items, B&O being one of them, sports diff...
  10. Blue_Thunder

    A4 B5 1.8T QS - whic Recaros would have been fitted as options?

    Does anyone know if the TQS with optional Recaros ever came with an armrest as well?
  11. Blue_Thunder

    My DIY S4 "Super Funtime 'Modstoration'"

    That's pretty much all the mechanical action wrapped up, although I did have to pull the engine again back in March due to a failed actuator, but that wasn't worthy of writing up as it was a simple engine out -> engine in job. Done loads cosmetically since this, which I might get round to...
  12. Blue_Thunder

    My DIY S4 "Super Funtime 'Modstoration'"

    The End (again) Only a few small jobs left to get it roadworthy. Rear Brakes were fully fitted ready for bleeding. Bleeding was a real pain due to the system having been emptied out completely. I ended up putting two litres in to try and get rid of all the air, but I still had...
  13. Blue_Thunder

    My DIY S4 "Super Funtime 'Modstoration'"

    That was the 'problem' of having two of everything! :-) Rest assured, the rest of the eccentric bolts were correct!
  14. Blue_Thunder

    My DIY S4 "Super Funtime 'Modstoration'"

    More post-work fun The weekend ahead was the target date. Yet again I had a deadline - wifey's friend's wedding down near Worcester. It was only going to be a 250+ mile round trip, but for added pressure we were taking down one of her friends... the AA was not going to be an option! :lol...
  15. Blue_Thunder

    My DIY S4 "Super Funtime 'Modstoration'"

    The Vinegar Strokes The 10 day holiday had been successful. I was relaxed, I had managed to get a litre of Jim Beam of £6 and I had been thinking a lot about the remaining jobs on the car. There really wasn't far left to go now. It appears that the only downside of the holiday was that I...
  16. Blue_Thunder

    My DIY S4 "Super Funtime 'Modstoration'"

    The story so far is only up to August of last year! :-) Will add the next episode in a couple of days.
  17. Blue_Thunder

    My DIY S4 "Super Funtime 'Modstoration'"

    One step forward and... In the last exciting episode, I described my torment whilst trying to perform the uber-simple task of mating the engine and gearbox. It was Bboy82 who mentioned having the same problem that got me back on track. Yes... I had somehow damaged the splines on the clutch...
  18. Blue_Thunder

    My DIY S4 "Super Funtime 'Modstoration'"

    I'm thinking of selling the rights to Hollywood. :grinning:
  19. Blue_Thunder

    My DIY S4 "Super Funtime 'Modstoration'"

    Final furlong It was such a massive relief to see the rear end going back together. And especially pleasing to see how much cleaner it now looked. But I still had a hell of a lot to do. With 10 days (most of which i'd be working) to go, I had to knuckle down and squeeze in some DIY action...