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    2.0 TDI MPG

    Hi just though I'd add my two pence worth. Got the 2.0T with start stop and got 44.5 yesterday between stanmore and leicester, lots of conta flow but lots more at more than speed limit. Also get 33ish on daily commute to work and back. Best I've had is 48.5!!! even took a photo to show my boss...
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    Oil Warning :-/

    mine uses 1ltr per 2000miles. According to audi this is perfectly normal and my 2.0Tfsi has done 39K!!!
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    iPod volume

    Thanks I'll try that
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    iPod volume

    Tried the volume protection and it made no difference and you can't control the iPod once it's plugged in. Really strange that I've never noticed it before with my old video iPod but it's really a big difference. Tried my iPhone tonight and that's the same so either the video was louder...
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    iPod volume

    Hi all Just had my old iPod video die on me and I'm now using an old nano of the wife's but have noticed that I have to turn the volume way up when I'm listening to the ipod through the mmi and when I switch back to radio it about makes my ears bleed. Can't say I noticed this before. Am I...
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    Enabling Bluetooth

    Trev its an easy 10minute mod with the right kit i had it done on mine a couple of months ago. Had the same issues as you with everyone wanting £300-£400 but eventually found someone on ebay offering to do diagnostic checks etc and he did it for £35 which i thought was well worth it. He's a...
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    2009 price list

    Hi all got to tell the tax man about my car :eyebrows: and he needs to know the list price when new? I've looked on parkers etc but cant find it for my car has anyone got a price list from nov 2009 they could send me via email or tell me the price if its a hard copy. Car is nov 2009 a4...
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    Hi 1wheelonly wonder if your intereseted in helping activate my bluetooth on a mmi 3g unit on...

    Hi 1wheelonly wonder if your intereseted in helping activate my bluetooth on a mmi 3g unit on a 59 A4? looks like it coding only and all codes on the web? Let me know only the otherside of leicester so could easily travel to yours with beer tokens???
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    vag com coding mmi 3g

    Hi Kite yes thanks I've seen a couple of instructions now so think its genuine (havent compared instructions though!!) just havent got the kit or knowledge myself to do it. Was hoping might come across someone on here who could help or advise someone who could.
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    vag com coding mmi 3g

    Hi guys I've got a A4 with the mmi 3g fitted but the bluetooth part hasnt been enabled. From what i can gather this facility is already built into the unit and just needs activating via the vag com. Questions:- 1 is this correct? I have a link to the instructions/codes so it would appear so...
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    mmi 3g Bluetooth help

    Thanks for the reply I thought that would be the case. Can you pm me with prices for the install please.
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    mmi 3g Bluetooth help

    Hi guys/girls some help please just buying a late 2009 2.0t s line with sat nav and i believe mmi 3g? Dealer is non audi and doesnt know much about the cars operation. When looking at the phone screen it says "phone not installed"! Does this mean that there is no bluetooth fitted to the car or...