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  1. beaker

    Xbox 360 Gamertags

    Yes I do and yes it is....though I may be biased.
  2. beaker

    Xbox 360 Gamertags

    If you love it now, wait till DLC hits!
  3. beaker

    Crackdown (360)

    Its definitely getting DLC, hold on to your copies!
  4. beaker

    Canned fish anyone?
  5. beaker


    I'll try that. I think I've done about 8k on them so far and they are down to 5mm.
  6. beaker


    £106 is good, about the same price as Blackcircles I think. I have F1's on mine too. Don't want to risk a trip to Aberdeen for the sake of £30 though.
  7. beaker


    £140. I could get it cheaper for sure but I need the car on Friday and have the fear of a blowout.
  8. beaker


    Hi, car in for service today and they found a bulge in the offside front tyre :( I'm getting them to replace it as thats not a good thing but it will mean I have 8mm one side and 5mm on the other. Will that be a problem? I thought of getting them to swap the rears but they are on 4mm.
  9. beaker

    What PS3 Games

    There's none, not yet anyhow.
  10. beaker


    Not getting one till theres decent games lined up. Haven't seen anything on it or coming soon that looks good enough to warrant getting it. Its no more powerful than the 360, lacks live and is missing some killer exclusive titles, plus its much more expensive. Sony have some work to do this time...
  11. beaker

    Sky Surf Talk See

    Thanks for that. I've checked and I'm pretty sure Sky is just using a badged version of the netgear anyhow. Only difference is mine is the rangemax version. Not sure if I'll notice.
  12. beaker

    Crackdown (360)

    mine is gingernugget
  13. beaker

    Sky Surf Talk See

    does it not work with any router? I've just recently got a netgear wireless 108mbps adsl router. I wouldnt want to switch if the sky version was slower.
  14. beaker

    Sky Surf Talk See

    Anyone got this package? It seems like a really good deal. £26 all in for basic Sky, free evening/weekend calls and 8mb broadband. Thinking about going for it as my current BT Yahoo broadband is £22 alone. Any comments on service/speed etc in relation to the Sky broadband would be helpful.
  15. beaker

    DVD unlocking

    On the same topic, does anyone know how to unlock either of these... Sony SLV D300P Sony DAV FR1 I've searched all over but can't find anything for these two.
  16. beaker

    Crackdown (360)

    Best game ever!....maybe :P
  17. beaker

    S-Line interior

    Mine has perforated gearknob and steering wheel with badge but no embossing on the seats. I think this was initially a sportback s-line thing as the demonstrator I drove was an S-line sportback and has the logo on the seats. Not sure if this is now standard.
  18. beaker

    opps lol

    thats brilliant!
  19. beaker

    RS 4?? AMG strikes back!!!

    Perfectly finished! The build quality looks exceptional.
  20. beaker

    Bike Sales

    I know theres a few bikers on this site so does anyone know of any websites that allow you to advertise one for free?