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  1. Rankrotten

    dsg comparisons

    I find the manual stick mode tricky to use as I keep thinking it should be nudge the lever forward to change down.
  2. Rankrotten

    Launch Controll Question

    First time I tried a launch control start I still had the handbrake fully engaged
  3. Rankrotten

    What an average... (mpg)

    Heh, tell it like it is slimbloke. Life's too short to worry about mpg - especially when you drive a Mauritius Blue Hydrocarbon Destruction Device
  4. Rankrotten

    Sportback mini review

    I also had a loaner 1.6 Sportback when my 3.2 DSG was in for some attention and it took a bit of getting used to after stepping out of the V6. 1. No neck-snapping brakes. 2. No power. 3. No power. 4. No power. 5. Tinny sounding engine. 6. No power. 7. Uncomfortable seats. 8. Likes to rev but...
  5. Rankrotten


    Best I have seen is 28mpg on a long motorway cruise, 22 in mixed conditions and 17 around town
  6. Rankrotten

    9.30am tomorrow...

    Glasgow to Leicester and back on the M6/A50 took three tanks or £150 in Optimax. Just gotta love thrashing that 3.2 V6
  7. Rankrotten

    0 - 60 times folks ?

    With or without launch control?
  8. Rankrotten

    2.0TFSI, manual or DSG?

    I wanted both Quattro and DSG which was unavailable on the 2.0T so went for the 3.2 V6 which came with both. I had been a manual only driver for 20 years until taking the DSG for an extended test drive then using the full-on foot to the floor paddle upshifts with the 3.2 was incredible. Try not...
  9. Rankrotten

    Just Got Back from AMD - 3.2 V6 Remap

    Can it get any worse...
  10. Rankrotten

    Just Got Back from AMD - 3.2 V6 Remap

    Interesting stuff, keep us posted
  11. Rankrotten

    it's been a bad Monday...

    Bowfer, were they on the A90 by any chance?
  12. Rankrotten

    A3 3.2 vs 2. FSI vs 2.0TDi MPG?

    I'm on first name terms with the young lady at the local Shell garage since buying the 3.2. Would never change it for a diesel though. Egads the very thought ...
  13. Rankrotten

    Manouvering with DSG

    Don't know what you mean by the DSG switching on and off, but it is great around town in D and parking is a doddle, just remember to get rear acoustic parking sensors. Regarding the 3.2's drink problem I had 17mpg from my first few fills but after 1000miles it seems much better at 22mpg and...
  14. Rankrotten

    Audi car kit

    You can't retrofit the factory option phone kit and I've been in contact with techs at Cullmann in Germany who supply the OEM gear for Audi and they insist it is a factory build option only. I finally went down the road of a Nokia CK-7W bluetooth kit which works fine with the DVD Nav system...
  15. Rankrotten

    Pics of my A3 3.2Q today

    Last tank of Optimax gave me 254 miles so it seems to be getting better.
  16. Rankrotten

    sat nav plus mp3 player

    Excellent news as I've got a mate over in New York on holiday who can pick up some SD cards extra cheap with the current exchange rate !!
  17. Rankrotten

    How do you know which gearbox you have ??

    [ QUOTE ] You say you have a 'nagging wife'. Does she nag you about your driving ? [/ QUOTE ] Constantly, as she never had the inclination to learn to drive herself. [ QUOTE ] Try using your guitar finger on her... [/ QUOTE ] Errrm, she likes a bit of middle finger but that's a different...
  18. Rankrotten

    How do you know which gearbox you have ??

    The DSG on my 3.2 Sport has a somewhat lazy change in "D" but a snappier zing, zing change in "S" and "M". Remember that it is a fly-by-wire throttle with no physical linkage to the engine and it does not reward light pressure on the go pedal in "D" which only succeeds in slowly increasing the...
  19. Rankrotten

    Have a look at these...

    Looks like a 1985 Lancia Delta Integrale turbo rally car from the rear.