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    Pics Of New Wheels! What Do You Think?

    Rs6 wheels are 'the' best looking wheels on the A3
  2. d3fy

    150 Days Gone.......

    Well thats quite a good review TBH, always liked the style of them, might even look at Alfas next time around
  3. d3fy

    150 Days Gone.......

    What was the GTA like?
  4. d3fy

    Car Insurance

    I too hate insurance companies, how do they work things out?! My current insurer who was very good last year wants £550 for a remapped 250bhp Audi, asking them to transfer the insurance to my new 320d and they say it will cost about the same?
  5. d3fy

    FOR SALE: Audi 2.0T Quattro SLINE

    Gone! Chau picked up this morning. Must admint it sounded really, really good when he drove off in it and bliped it a little. Right, I need to find a new place to hang out, I have bought a 320d Sport Touring. Its a few months older than the Audi, but it looks like a nice minta. Full msport kit...
  6. d3fy

    My A3 - Update

    Very good, not my cuppa tea, but some effort
  7. d3fy

    Headrest removal

    I asked about this at the stealers, they said it did not come out. Shows how much they know!
  8. d3fy

    A little advice/reassurance please.....

    He said un-biased bowfer will bash VAG all day long
  9. d3fy

    Car Insurance

    Chris Knott - declared remap about £550
  10. d3fy

    A little advice/reassurance please.....

    How can you say an Audi is not the special inside compared to Golf? They are like chalk and cheese. Brittle crap cheese in the case of the golf.
  11. d3fy

    What are these?

    pass, ask me one on geography
  12. d3fy

    Buying Private

    Hello all, Anyone know why the AA car data check is £25, and the RAC one is a fiver? Why the big differance? Looking at a car tomorrow, never bought private before. The car is registered to his company, does this make any differance? Ta
  13. d3fy

    What do you use to clean your nobbly dash?

    Duster, never used anything to clean the interior, never needed it really
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    Opinions on the Current Diesel Vs. Petrol Situation?

    Intresting thread, I'm also looking at buying a derv, not in quite in the same price bracket, but I've so far yet to be impressed. 1.9tdi Avant was gutless, and 150bhp SAAB was not that great.
  16. d3fy

    USB, SD and Aux?...too good to be true?

    and the ashtray ;)
  17. d3fy

    USB, SD and Aux?...too good to be true?

    Not seen anyone mention these before, as you beat me down on price you could always just buy an ipod ;)
  18. d3fy

    Newbie questions!

    I would not get too hung up on the fact that Revo pushes out a few bhp more, but then again i did make the choice to go with the bluefin. Its been debated on here many, many times and you will be abe to find loads of posts. For the me, been able to take the remap off when it was time for a...
  19. d3fy

    FOR SALE: Audi 2.0T Quattro SLINE

    Hello mate! I'm now frantacily searching autotrader every half hour trying to find something, not looking forward to the bus....