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  1. nick-barnes07


    i never got mine sorted so wasn't sure what it was ???
  2. nick-barnes07

    S3 KW V2s value

    well i sold a set of kw v3's for £550 + £25 postage , so would say v2's are worth about £450 ish, all depends if anyone wants a set
  3. nick-barnes07

    MTM tuned supposedly, advice please?

    yeah you defo need a different map on it, maybe mtm tuned it like that so the turbo was at a safe limit!!!!
  4. nick-barnes07

    MTM tuned supposedly, advice please?

    fmic will give it a bit more boost, and when it is hot weather will keep it boosting hard all through the rev range instead of dying out as the engine is to warm, would of thought it would of had a fmic on having spent all that money on it
  5. nick-barnes07

    MTM tuned supposedly, advice please?

    apparently serviced by Star Performance , give them a tinkle, sounds exactly the same as your car in the description
  6. nick-barnes07

    MTM tuned supposedly, advice please?

    is it this one by any chance,
  7. nick-barnes07

    Anyone wanting to sell their S3 ?

    just hold out, i only sold mine on a 52 reg with 100k miles, rs4 genuine alloys, lots of mods, 5k i think, car was immaculate as well , they are about you will just have to hold out, that e bay one in gloucester looks like a shout, im in gloucester !!!!
  8. nick-barnes07

    Anyone wanting to sell their S3 ?
  9. nick-barnes07

    MTM tuned supposedly, advice please?

    get some pics up of it, might of belonged to someone on here, or someone who knows the history of it??
  10. nick-barnes07

    Custom turbo back exhaust

    3" all the way back!!!!
  11. nick-barnes07

    Custom turbo back exhaust

    see if u can get a group buy going on them, get a few quid of them, im sure if he got 5 people he could knock a bit of cash of
  12. nick-barnes07

    RS3 i bet the bumper is on there as the engine is so big and he needed something with a bit more space, wouldnt suprise me if a s3 bumper didnt fit, hence why kim collins didnt leave it on there, a...
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    pics from about 5-6 years ago ://
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    this car is mental, gotta be the best s3 about, i would be interested if i had the cash, but i haven't ,
  15. nick-barnes07

    S3 Prices (modified) - how much?

    wouldnt be worth taking the BT kit of IMO , as a standard s3 of that age is 5k or so!!! my mate bought a 2002 52 reg nogaro blue, with ap racing brakes , tarox 2 piece discs at back, h&r ARB, h&r coilovers, lots of other mods for 6k, the car is immaculate as well,
  16. nick-barnes07

    S3 Prices (modified) - how much?

    bit overpriced at 8k, i know a kid who had a regal autosport gt28 and had it for sale for about a year and a half at 8.5k, he ended up chopping it in with audi in the end for a brand new s3, they gave him silly money for it, bottom book money, the wheels make it look like a a3 also and not a...
  17. nick-barnes07

    how very dare you put this thread on here!

    1.8t s are one of the most tunable engine's around, there are a few running around the 1000bhp mark in the states, ****** me of when people think a 1.8t is a slow car, obviously doesnt know much about audi's, KNOB
  18. nick-barnes07

    Show us your pics of your black A3/S3

    a pic fo my old one i had, a bit dirty,
  19. nick-barnes07

    can you donut an s3???

    ive done it on the grass as well, drifts a good un on grass, lol, would never try it on tarmac though!! you would be asking for trouble, at least if u do try to do dognuts, go and buy a new s3, so when the diff does go bang you can get it fixed under warranty, lol
  20. nick-barnes07

    Traffic cops - BBC1

    the kid lived in gloucester somewhere!! he obviously didnt learn his lesson the first time round! things happen for a reason!!!!