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    Just reserved this I think its a bargain any thoughts ?

    Are autoquake generally considered a reliable source in the UK? What were they like to deal with?
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    A3/A4 LED's....Oh dear.

    The LEDs come standard with the xenon lights, if you tick that option, or buy a package with the option you get them. In Ireland at least they are standard on the A4 Sport.
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    A3/A4 LED's....Oh dear.

    They look very well on the A4 imo, they are vey similar to the A5s but the shape used is nicer.
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    A3/A4 LED's....Oh dear.

    Guys, sounds like none of you have actually seen an A4 with the LED DRLs, you all seem to be describing the standard DRLs not the LED ones. The LED ones are a long strip of LEDs with a curve, the standards are 4 yellow bulbs. These are the LEDs which don't match up with any of descriptions above
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    New 2.0TFSI to debut on the new A4

    co3 won't be close to 130 in the 3 series though will it?
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    3 zone climate control vs standard

    this is an A5, but believe it is the same setup. This is the normal aircon, hard to find pics of as they don't want you to see what it looks like. not half as nice without displays imo
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    thats not fair, being all reasonable now makes me look the nutter!! I can see both sides too and tbh am changing this year and here in Ireland from July car prices are greatly affected by emissions. For instance the BMW 318d/320d will come down 14% in price as it's emissions put it well down...
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    but didn't read it? as if you had you wouldn't have said there was no sign of stop stasrt in audis? also you appear to have missed it again, otherwise you would see that it wasn't the ethanol one I was talking about, which was clear as I said it twice. i give up.
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    as mentioned above, I wasn't talking about just the old system, but the imminent new system. you said 'no sign' when there have been numerous reports on developments and testing of stop start etc lately by audi. So there are loads of signs, you just aren't aware of them. eg, again as mentioned...
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    as mentioned above they did it years back and are reintroducing it this year most likely, to help c02 levels. when you say 'no sign' presumably that is just because you haven't heard about it? have a search online. it's pretty easy. there was even a big report on another audi site recently...
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    CO2 Emissions

    could well be mark, rumours over on already that lexus have upped the RRP on the IS200 diesel range by 4 or 5% overnight to give them room to move in july.. certainly I will be looking at a diesel for sure, 150 road tax for a 2.0TDI getting to 100km/hr in 8 secs, not too shabby...
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    CO2 Emissions

    i'm seriously tempted by a 320d coupe after those road tax and vrt changes mark, going down from 30% to 16% vrt and tax of 150 a year! never thought I would be considering a bmw! not going to affect you though as it is only new cars that are affected?
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    New Audi A3 Convertible

    if they facelift the current model with those front and rear lights and new front end next year I think it will sell well..
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    fitting chrome S3 pedals - A3 S Line

    I had a thread on these pedals before the trick is to hold down the release clip until it clicks then the cable just pops out. this post on my thread explains in better:
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    A3 Sportback - 1.8 TFSI

    it hasn't been dropped, just not available at launch, I understand a new 2.0T with 210bhp is on the way, as well as a 130bhp version of the 1.8T for the A4.
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    My New A3 S-line

    all the pics are broken for me?
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    Sold the S3 !

    you will have to change the sig too! how come you took the sat nav out? did they offer you the same with the cd based one? is the dealer selling it on? the fun of the decision will be missed i'd say and i enjoyed the boards thread!
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    What is sportback 'special edition' ??

    there are good deals as they are about to facelift the focus, the new one looks very different.
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    New A4 ipod connection

    quite annoying even though the video I linked above and that press release on fourtitude say you can get the AMI with the concert or chorus system the german site disagrees. I just had another look at the site and the configurator won't allow you to select the AMI with the concert...