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    Garrage costs help

    Aah ok. Might be worth speaking to citizens advice or trading standards for guidance. My gearbox went the day after purchase so the whole lot was done and paid for by dealer. I know at the time I was getting advice the term "fair wear and tear" cropped up. But I think since almost a year has...
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    Garrage costs help

    When did you purchase the car?
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    Caliper knocking

    Replaced with brand new retaining springs and I believe i fitted them correctly
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    Caliper knocking

    so I changed the brakes all round a few months ago. Now I'm getting a hollow knocking noise occasionally when braking and without fail braking after changing direction i.e manoeuvring After speaking to a few folk and my boss listening to the sound and symptoms folk reckon it's the caliper...
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    Led sidelights and fogs

    Im wanting to do the same also wanting to do my DRL's as LEDs too. Ive got a friend local to me who has a pair. Im gonna try them see what they're like. He claims the ones he has have been fitted to newer jags and bmw's with no bulb warnings.
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    Dreadful Xenon HID Headlights

    I noticed the same, But then when you think about it, the extra light from high beam is coming from the same bulb so it's not producing any more light just spreading it over a wider area
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    Plastic jacking block

    ive cracked one of my jacking blocks using the trolley jack in it. Are these replaceable?
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    Heated seat hotspot

    has anyone come across this before or know what the solution is? after putting the heated seats on for the first time the other day it appears theres a serious hotspot on the forward sliding part of the seat base, even on low temps it feels like its burning my left leg and no head along the...
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    Light fire damage?

    very suspect, saw this link on facebook a few days ago, no insurance claim?? who would have damage to a car like that and not claim on insurance, make more money splitting than trying to put it back on the road, not with that damage to rear end
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    New to the A6 section of the forum

    Cracking car and some really nice simple mods. A lot of stuff id like to do myself but currently finding the motivation and funds to iron out the little problems first is my main issue. Hopefully i'll get there eventually but with the missus now nipping my ear about marriage the car fund may be...
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    Rattling from engine

    knew someone who knew their stuff would step in and correct me :) a cheaper less terrifying solution
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    Rattling from engine

    no not great if it is that,like i say im no expert but from what mechanical knowledge i do have and from what ive read here id think that may be it. out of curiosity what mileage is your car sitting at?
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    Rattling from engine

    sadly it sounds like the timing chain rattling due to delay in tensioner taking up tension, usually due to oil pressure building up which is why it goes away after a couple seconds i dont know a lot about these since im new to the A6 myself and i also have the 3.0 TDI, not sure how serious or...
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    Multichanger And Cd-r

    after trying several variables, ive managed to come to the conclusion that my CD-R drive that i was using was duff
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    Egr delete

    Yea, from what ive read it also needs mapped out, not as simple as just blanking off
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    Urgent!! Help needed trying to change rear pads

    cancel last, was my own stupidity, I was typing group 007 and pressing the enter key, where i should have pressed the GO button on the user interface, Lesson learned for next time
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    Urgent!! Help needed trying to change rear pads

    I have an A6 4F, trying to release the parking brake to change rear discs and pads. Following the directions from rosstech wiki but nothing seems to be happening. I dont have the car connected to a battery charger, is this the issue? Ive gone into the control module 53, Basic settings group...
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    Winter Wheels - are these ok

    Was looking at this site this morning, No idea if it's of any help
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    Bulb out warning

    Yea, watched a few videos on changing bulbs, im aware removing the air box is required for the drivers side and moving the power steering reservoir for the passenger side. Hunting about LED sites, what bulb is the DRL bulb do you know?
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    Bulb out warning

    Thanks for the reply B5 will give that a go. Although follow on post above yours it appears to be the 501 sidelight that's intermittent rather than the indicator. And as mentioned above curiosity to what the bulb is that sits below the sidelight? Im guessing they're the DRL's? I saw a thread...