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    Problem with the car heating

    You would need to find out if the system still has gas pressure first, if not, there must be a leak, if the pressure is still there, then check for a feed down to the clutch on the compressor. If the feed is there then it could be the compressor!
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    Problem with the car heating

    Does it run on "Auto" or is it stuck on "Econ"?
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    Climate controls for d/d upgrade

    Wait for a sunny day, take out all the seats, gives you the chance to give your carpet a good clean & remove all the foodstuff down between your seats.
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    Picked up my new car!

    ZF Services or ZF Lemforder uk........................ that's interesting
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    Picked up my new car!

    The drop is on!!
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    Climate controls for d/d upgrade

    I think you can just trim the climate control unit to fit!!
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    Picked up my new car!

    That's a shame......fixed perches!!
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    Low Oil Light but Oil Seems Fine?! Help Please!

    Shouldn't it be at the top of the crossed-hatch area of the dipstick??
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    Avant rear wiper motor

    Eurocarparts were cheapest when I needed one! Mind you lots on here remove theirs, so somebody might have one!!
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    No aircon

    The clutch had gone on mine, leaving the Econ light on. I checked that I had currant down to the compressor first, ended up changing the compressor!
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    Got my leaf blower today

    Yeah & all the neighbours think you have gone completely mad lol
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    Look what i came back too....

    I'd call that a result!!
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    Headlight Hole...

    They're not exactly bulbs, more like LED's
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    Auto fold mirrors

    On the question of door mirrors are all the mirrors heated??
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    Aero Wiper blades...

    Yes you can get them, highly recommended...
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    Buying Oil from ebay seller

    That's funny, I spoke to the manager of my local TPS & he said he doesn't know of a manager who wouldn't sell to the public, as they're all judged on their sales performance!!
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    xenon look fog lights

    You can get LED H11's which will give you the white light your after!
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    Blown bulb occurrence ?

    You could try an extra earth wire to the rear lights, only other thing is overcharging, but I guess you would see the lights going extra bright. You can put your voltmeter across the battery & see what sort of voltage is going into the battery!
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    The to do list

    Mine gives a fault code also, mine has a slight leak, rub your finger under it, if you get some red fluid, it's leaking
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    The to do list

    Mounting 8E0 199 379 BF £116.26 Mounting 8E0 199 382 AG £98.93 Got these numbers/prices from TPS the dearer one will have the sensor