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    Getting more from the 1.9 tdi

    hi, if its of help regarding remapping a 105 1.9, i have a 115K miler, i got it remapped at 95K to 135bhp & 240 ft/lbs. this is the original clutch and has been fine with no slipping (touch wood), mpg about the same (50 - 52 mpg), and keeps up with 2.0tdi 140's fine. only thing to watch is...
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    URGENT!!!!!! Fuel cooler leak

    Hi, I just had the same problem last week on my 1.9 TDI, my local indie sorted it. tried changing the fuel pipes from the cooler back the tank first (£65 for cooler pipe 'kit'), leak still present so ended up having a new cooler (£120) fitted as well, 1.5 hrs labour involved = £276 total bill :(...
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    Part No Comfirmation / Help Required Please

    Hi, I need some help please, I'm wanting to replace the lower boot trim on my sportback (its badly marked), I (think) I've found the right part on ebay, but, the part is from a 3 door not sportback. ebay link: Audi A3 8P Lower Boot Lid Lip Striker Plate | eBay the ebay part no. is: 8P0 863...
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    'Sport' Springs On 'SE' A3

    hi, might interest you, good buy imo.... Audi A3 (8P) Sport Suspension Springs | eBay
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    'Sport' Springs On 'SE' A3

    guys, thanks for all the replies, some good opinions here. a friend of mine is getting rid of his unneeded sport springs hence the question. i am to be honest undecided still, the se rides well, handles ok (sport better i'm sure), but the se just sits too high. i'll let you know what i...
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    'Sport' Springs On 'SE' A3

    Hi all, I'm new to the forum, so go easy on me :o) .... I own a 2006 sportback SE (with 17" 16 spoke alloys). I like the car, but I considering fitting some 2nd hand good condition 'sport' model springs to my SE model, this would provide around a 15mm drop in ride height I believe. My...
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    "Burning smell" when accelerating hard in 1.9TDi

    I guess it very much depends on how the car has been driven in the past. my 1.9 has just turned 100K (56 plate, ex company car), owned for last year by me, remapped to 140bhp at 96K miles, no problems yet with clutch (touch wood!). In general I think the 1.9 clutches are fairly strong as...
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    H7 headlight bulb upgrade? Reccomendations please?

    I've just fitted these for the punt: ALDI - Thursday Special Buys 3rd February 2011 For £4.99, I was not expecting much, but coming from the standard candles there is marked difference, supposed to offer +30% light. manufacuted by 'trifa' (never heard of them), but are german manufacturer...
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    Water leak A3 sportback 57 plate

    have you changed a rear bulb recently? .... i had the same issue (not quite so much water), turns out previous owner had replace a bulb and not fitted the outer rear light unit correclty - the rubber gromets were missing (that 'sit' in the car body behind light unit). Causing water to run down...
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    hi, just thought i'd share my experience with pdtuning.... I had my 1.9 (105) A3 mapped by them about 5 weeks ago, very please with the results. the owner (dave) seemed to know his stuff and the car performs well now, no excessive smoke, just nice smooth and progressive power (no big 'bang'...
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    I'm going to pdtuning on 3rd nov to remap my 105 tdi (+30 bhp, stage 1), never used them before, i'll update with how it goes. to be honest i've heard mainly good things about pdtuning, one or two people don't seem to rate them, but you'll always get that. £199 is the cost of their stage 1...