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  1. NoggyDS3

    Haldex - for info

    I've seen quite a lot of questions/discussion about Haldex and how it works on the forum recently. Anyway, i came across a detailed haldex guide in pdf format tonight and thought it would answer a lot of people's questions and would be of interest to those of you who want to find out more about...
  2. NoggyDS3

    Diesel - Hesitation/juddering

    Hi, posted this on the other car brands forum a few weeks ago but not had any luck with replies so i thought i'd ask in this forum to see if you guys can help...! Thanks in advance! Given the recent increases in the price of fuel recently I've been doing a bit driving in my other half's wee...
  3. NoggyDS3

    Engine Rattle - Help!

    Hi folks, following my recent post about engine rattling, i managed to get this video of it. It only does it every now and again, but particularly after a decent run. For more info - see this thread: Excuse the quality of the...
  4. NoggyDS3

    Engine Rattle at Idle.

    Noticed recently that my engine is rattling more than it used at idle. It seems to do it after a run when the engine is hot. I can hardly hear it in the car, its when i get outside i can hear it. I'm not confusing it with the normal 'ticking' that it and my last A3 had (charcoal canister i...
  5. NoggyDS3

    Diesel - Hesitation/Juddering

    Hi, given the recent increases in the price of fuel recently (especially up north...) I've been doing a bit driving in my other half's wee diesel and i've noticed a couple of problems whcih i hope someone can help me with! It's an 03 1.4TDCI Fiesta Zetec. It seems to idle pretty rough (nothing...
  6. NoggyDS3


    Had my first coilpack failure this morning! Wow - that is scary! Despite driving the S3 for a year now and a 1.8ts for a couple prior to that, i'd never experienced it before! Came off a roundabout and was accelerating, all of a sudden felt a misfire, engine light flashed and then went off then...
  7. NoggyDS3

    S3 Owners Manual

    Does anyone know whether there is a decent S3 owners manual available - not the one that comes with the car, i mean like a haynes or similar (i've got a Haynes one i kept from my old A3 but thats no use!) If so where i could get one?
  8. NoggyDS3

    DV/N249 help

    Got a custom code phase 1 remap the other week and also replaced the standard dv with a forge 007p. Sometimes the car has no boost and feels like there is no turbo. If i turn the car off and on again its fine! The 007p was stuck closed so i took that off and put the standard one back on but...
  9. NoggyDS3

    Remap issues!

    Got the car remapped and fitted the forge 007p dv last week and having a few problems. Every few days the car appears to 'lose' the remap. If i pull over, turn off the ignition and start back up again - its fine and goes like the clappers! The forge was faulty as the piston wasn't opening but...
  10. NoggyDS3

    Body Shop - Dundee area

    Anyone know of a good body shop/paint sprayer in the Dundee area and know how much it costs to respray the front bumper? Someone bumped into me the other day and damaged the front bumper, it now needs respraying. The guy has indicated that he will pay for damage so hopefully it won't be too...
  11. NoggyDS3


    Arrgggh!!! Someone drove through a red light this morning and proceeded to bump into the side of me, the bumper and wing now require some attention and what makes it worse is the fact that when i indicated to him to pull over to exchange details etc, he acknowledged and then drove off in...
  12. NoggyDS3

    S3 seat - help!

    Hi, my electric seat (passenger) jammed forward the other day. I took it to get looked at and the switch is faulty so i've had to order a new one. It doesn't come til tuesday so i'll have to wait til then. Unfortunatly, i'm getting the car remapped on monday and obviously need the car working...
  13. NoggyDS3

    Help - Electric seat not working!

    Hey guys, had a passenger in my car there and he raised the seatback to a more upright position, it went up ok but now wont go down, its not jammed forward as far as it will go. it moves up and down ok, and the lumbar support works fine. anyone any ideas and whether it's costly to fix - need...
  14. NoggyDS3

    Remap/Service - North of the Border!

    Seriously considering getting my S3 remapped and it needs a service soon so was thinking about getting it done at the same time. I'd heard really good things about Star Performance but was speaking to a mate at the weekend who kinda put me off. Not sure who to believe - has anyone had any...
  15. NoggyDS3

    Dodgy Lambda?

    Hey folks, further to my original post my orange engine warning light (Emission Control System) came on last night on the way home from work. I posted last night but need to update as it seemed a bit sluggish this monring, although not sure if it was just me! Its a 2001 facelift S3 with 55k on...
  16. NoggyDS3

    Hello all!

    Recently joined the forum and thought i'd say hello to everyone. New to forums but not too new to Audi's. Got my S3 a few months ago after driving an A3 1.8T for a couple of years. Loving the new car and the forum - keep up the good work! Cheers Dave
  17. NoggyDS3

    Newbie - Sunroof problems

    Hi - Newbie on the forum. Had my 2001 S3 for a few months now, after upgrading from the 1.8T. No complaints with car apart from the fact that the sunroof stopped working properly recently. it does open and close, but i have to fiddle about with the switch a bit to get it to do what i want -...