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  1. James 123

    Rattle on start up.

    Hi all, I recently bought a 67 reg rs5, having owned a pfl Rs3. Knowing all about the annoyance of stone chips etc I thought I’d get ppf applied as soon as the local dealer could fit me in. So fast forward a few weeks and I got to pick my car up yesterday morning having been without...
  2. James 123

    Star button on steering wheel.

    Evening all, I know this is posted in the wrong section but it’s quite a generic enquiry, and I’ve always found this the best place to find what I’ve been looking for. I used to have a pfl rs3 8v. On the steering wheel I was able to use the star button to skip my music tracks forward a song...
  3. James 123

    RS3 going

    Hi all, just putting a quick message on here to say I’m about to put my car up for sale if anyone’s after one before it goes on autotrader. 41,000 miles ( I’ve had it for nearly 2 years and 27,000 of those miles ) its got a stage one mrc map which I’ve had from near enough the word go, had...
  4. James 123

    Revo big brake kit

    Apologies if this has been covered previously, but can't find a thread with particular answers so posting here. My car had a service, oil change and gearbox oil change at Audi today and whilst in it was noted my discs are I quote ' worm below minimum thickness '. Audi called and told me, i was...
  5. James 123

    Dealers take the Mick

    Never started a thread before but thought I'd share my emotions regarding an offer from a dealer on a part ex for my rs3, as I well and truly think they take the p***, or am I wrong? Please share your thoughts. I decided to swap/trade my rs3 in for a Q7 as we're expecting our 4th child and...