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  1. MaverickTDi

    Clutch Question

    Evening chaps, It’s been a while. My TQS is still ticking along nicely but the time has come to replace the clutch and possibly the DMF. I’ve been quoted £570 for a LUK 3 piece clutch kit and DMF - parts only. Add in labour and it’s going to cost me £800+ [emoji30]. Two part question; 1. Can...
  2. MaverickTDi

    Cheap b5 Winter Wheels

    Evening chaps, As in the title - anyone got some cheap 16" or 17" wheels knocking about? Cheers. Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk
  3. MaverickTDi

    b5 Bentley Publisher Manual

    I'm after a b5 Bentley Publisher Manual. Anyone got one they'd be willing to part with? Haynes manuals don't cover Quattro models. Cheers. Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk
  4. MaverickTDi

    New TQS Owner & Project

    Evening all, I recently acquired a Hibiscus Red TQS. This isn't my first b5 - I've owned a TDI Avant and 1.8 SE non-turbo. 150k on the clock, 4 owners, FASH (remarkably) and pretty much standard. I gave £1000 for it. Here you go; Car itself is in good nick for age - a couple of...
  5. MaverickTDi

    TQS Hesitant To Start

    Since becoming a TQS owner all has been good until today. I went to use the car having not been used for 5 days and it it cranked over for what seemed ages. I switched the ignition off then back on, let everything settle and then tried again and after several cranks it reluctantly started. Once...
  6. MaverickTDi

    LCD Display Repair

    Evening chaps, As you know it's a common problem for pixels on the LCD display to deteriorate and true to form mine demonstrates exactly that. I've seen on eBay that there's a repair service for £120 which I think is a little expensive. Can anyone recommend a company that performs this...
  7. MaverickTDi

    RAF Marham Track Day 2016

    RAF Marham is hosting a Charity Track Day - all details here Any questions just ask. Cheers.
  8. MaverickTDi

    RAF Marham Track Day 2016

    RAF Marham is hosting it's first charity track day in 2016 on 28th - 29th May. All details and info can be found at and on board footage can be found on YouTube by searching RAF Marham Track Day. Prices start at £70 per car and driver with every additional driver...
  9. MaverickTDi

    2001 2.5 TDI Quattro Auto

    Hi chaps, I'm usually a regular user of the A4 b5 forum but I'm thinking of getting an A6 as we need more boot space, ****** push chair!! I've seen a 2001 2.5 TDI Quattro Auto and I'll openly admit I know very little about them and was hoping you guys might be able to offer some...
  10. MaverickTDi

    Rear view mirror

    Quick question, did Audi, in their infinite wisdom, design an auto dimming rear view mirror for the b5? As I own the rather uninspiring 1.8 non-turbo it was never set to receive the best parts, unless of course you were willing to tick the options list, but wondered if the TQS or S4's came...
  11. MaverickTDi

    OEM Xenons

    Evening chaps, Just a quick question, are OEM xenons a straight swap for the standard projector type units? Cheers.
  12. MaverickTDi

    Engine running issue

    Something that I've noticed over the last few months is on cold start up the engine revs seem to fluctuate on start up. It's turns over fine, after 2-3 cranks, but when running the revs bounce up and down in the 1-1.3k range. This only last for approx 3-4 secs. When the engine is warm it starts...
  13. MaverickTDi

    Friendly forum recommendation

    Thought I'd offer some advice/recommendations of certain car cleaning products based on having actually used them. I'll start with front and rear light polishing. I bought a 3M headlight resto kit off Amazon for £20. Comes with all the different sanding and finishing discs and a polishing pad...
  14. MaverickTDi


    Morning chaps, Just after advice on a couple of things; Front wheel bearings Gearbox oil Soon I'll be going to my mates garage and fitting the following; Refurbished 288mm front calipers, 312mm brake discs, front brake pads, front brake hoses, rears discs, pads and wheel bearings. Whilst...
  15. MaverickTDi

    Throttle body removal

    I'm thinking about giving the throttle body a right good clean out as it probably hasn't been done since new. I've never removed the throttle body before and was hoping someone might be able to give me some pointers? Car is a 1.8 non-turbo. Cheers.
  16. MaverickTDi

    Lowering springs

    Evening chaps, I'm thinking of fitting some lowering springs but not 100% sure which ones to go for? Given it's current ride height, I'm looking at dropping the front by 30mm and the rear by 20mm. Can anyone recommend a decent set? Car is '00 1.8 non-turbo fwd saloon. Cheers.
  17. MaverickTDi

    Water issue...

    Evening chaps, Whilst working on the battery issue I came across this; Earlier today when I removed the upper plastics to gain proper access to the battery I happen to notice standing water, as pictured. It reaches the bottom part of the brake servo. Apologies for the quality it was dark...
  18. MaverickTDi

    Your thoughts...

    Hi chaps, Today when I started the car, after it had been run for 8 miles or so, the priority 1 symbol for fault in the brake system came on. The warning chime sounded 2 or 3 times and cleared. This is not the first occurrence of this fault, it has happened a few times before. I've ran VCDS...
  19. MaverickTDi

    What is this?

    Hi Chaps, Just routing around the engine bay with the engine running and I could hear this horrible 'tick tick tick' sound. Narrowed it down to a component near the airbox; Can anyone tell me what it is? Cheers.
  20. MaverickTDi

    Fuel trim fault code

    Been playing around with VCDS today and got this; Not sure how long it's been there? Any ideas what it could be? Cheers.