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  1. J B

    Turbo rebuild

    I had my turbo refurbed 18 months ago after my cylinder head cracked, whilst everything was apart I upgraded a few bits, I built and fitted a largeport head with a modified inlet mani, relentless v3 exhaust mani, downpipe & sports cat, and got the turbo refurbed as it was on around 85k then had...
  2. J B

    Where to get a K04-23 rebuild kit?

    As the title really, as my engine is in bits at the moment due to a cracked head, it looks like the oil seals have gone on my turbo so I am looking to renew the seals and the other internals. there is very little play and I havnt spotted any cracks in the hotside so was thinking I would do it...
  3. J B

    Advice - Head gasket replacement

    So unfortunately my car decided to spit its dummy out on my drive home friday. Engine managment light came on and the car was running really rough, I guessed I had blown a boost hose so pulled over in a layby but when I stopped I was greeted with a cloud of steam so wasnt what I assumed :(...
  4. J B

    Spark plug spinning in cylinder head

    As the title really I have a spark plug spinning in the head, it goes loose and tight so I am guessing its probably cross threaded, I dont want to take it out until I need to as it will probably strip out the remaining thread. I was wondering if anyone else has had the same issue before, I have...
  5. J B

    Really stuck..... any ideas?

    Hi guys, So the short version is one of the dog bone bolts that goes into the sub frame has sheared, now I cant get the mount off to even attempt to get the rest of the bolt out has anyone got any ideas? The other bolt hole was not threaded and the bolt came straight out I'm assuming that both...
  6. J B

    auto dim rear view mirror

    Hi guys, I was just wondering if anyone knows of a way to test the auto dimming rear view mirror? I know that its supposed to darken the glass when light is shone on the sensor, but I dont think mine works either that or its just pants? Also arent the wing mirrors supposed to be auto...
  7. J B

    Brake lines

    Hi Guys Just looking for a bit of guidance really because Im confused.... it doesnt take much! I changed my brake discs and pads a couple of months ago front and rear and im now looking to change the fluid and thought I might as well change the 10 year old tired rubber lines while im at...
  8. J B

    Pad wear sensor

    I know loads of people have fitted the DS2500's but was just wondering what to do with the pad wear sensor to avoid a warning on the DIS? Is there a fuse I can pull or do I need to do something else? Did a search but couldnt find info! Any help appreciated.
  9. J B

    Couple of service questions?

    I'm going to service my car this weekend doing all the usual bits as well as take the sump off and clean that out change the oil pickup pipe and the haldex oil and filter. I've just been looking for a haldex filter spanner and was wondering if anyone can tell me if THIS is the right one? It...
  10. J B

    City Powder Coaters

    Hi guys, I am planning to get a set of RSTT's refurbed and slight colour change and I saw a thread not that long ago that mentioned city powdercoaters, has anybody used them and would you recommend them? They also have a deal on at the moment for £20 a wheel without tyres! The wheels in...
  11. J B

    Colour change

    Hi guys, Was hoping someone that has photoshop would do a colourchange on the RSTT's that are awaiting an iminant refurb once I can work out the colour to go for! Its either going to be silver again or anthracite/gunmetal if anyone can help its much appreciated :)