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    Water/puddle in boot well

    Collected a 2016 S-Line a couple of months ago. After getting it home I went to give it a thorough clean and noticed the boot well was damp. Removed spare wheel etc and took it into my local indy garage (Audi specialist) at the weekend but it had dried. They tried spraying it with a hose for 20...
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    How to remove coloured marks from the back of the seat?

    I've got a few marks on the back of my seat so wondered what the best way to remove these was before I give it a go. They're supersport seats so I didn't want to just dive and in make it worse! I've tried my thumbnail but that doesn't seem to work!
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    How to replace the inlays?

    I have the aluminium mistral inlays on my old a3 im selling. The one i picked up on sunday has the standard plain aluminium ones. Can anyone tell me how to switch them over? If it’s a complicated job ill leave it, but would prefer to swap them as they really add to the interior of the car in my...
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    2016 A3 184 purchase (retro fit quote requested as well pls)

    Took the plunge and upgraded to a 184 diesel S-line 2016 Manual. Going from a 2014 1.8tfsi sport. Never seen so many extras on a car, so I couldn't say no. Not sure what all the packs are so I'll just list it all out! Matrix Lights Front and Rear sensors Park Assist Daytona Grey Paint Heated...
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    Super Sport seats option on a 2016 S-line?

    I've found a 184 2016 (16) A3 S-line I like the look of- some good optional extras and in my price bracket. However, it has super sports seats. I have a pdf of the 2014 price/options guide (as I saved it when I got my 2014 A3 sport) and it shows in there that the Super Sport seats were only...
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    1.8tfsi remapped- will it affect MOT?

    I've got a 2014 1.8tfsi that was remapped in Dec 2017 and hasn't skipped a beat. Last couple of mot's i've had done where I got the remap, but with my new job I am struggling to find time in the week to get it done and they don't open weekends. I've taken my wife's and siblings cars to the...
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    Tyer Query; need 225/40/r18 225/40/ZR18 W (XL) ok?!

    Looking to take advantage of an offer on at costco- £80 off when you buy a set of 4 Michelin PS4's. Only need fronts replacing but planning to store the additional 2 in my garage until I need them. When I search on their website using my registration plate, it only gives me 225/40/ZR18 W (XL)...
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    Changing from a 2014 plate to....a 2014 plate!

    Currently have a remapped 2014 1.8tfsi A3 Sport manual with quite a few options (b and o, heated seats, led pack, heated/folding mirrors, storage pack, front and rear sensors, side assist and more). 44k miles on the clock. Have come across a 2014 2.0 Diesel 184 quattro A3 S-Line s-tronic, 32k...
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    Winter wheels/tyres query

    Thinking of getting a set of winter wheels/tyres. I have 18" wheels on my 2014 A3 sport (the ones that are similar to the VW Monza design), so I was thinking of a set of the standard 17" 5 spoke alloys (part 8V0 601 025 BK) If I got those wheels, do I need a specific tyre size or is there some...
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    Oil Change....Halfords or fast fit?!

    My oil change is due- car was serviced by Audi when i bought it in October 2016 (used approved- 2014 1.8tfsi) and is on the long life service schedule (every 2 years- whatever it's called!). I have emailed my local Audi a couple of times a couple of times to get a quote, both without response...
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    PDR around Milton Keynes

    Noticed a dent in my driver's side door today, must be a car park bump. Can anyone recommend a PDR in or around Milton Keynes?
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    Can't find paint code or optional extras codes

    I'm trying to find the paint code for me A3, so I know exactly which colour it is. I read online it should be in the service book, however all my records are online rather than in service books. The next location was in the boot near the spare tyre. I've just taken the B & O Sub out and the...
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    Carbon mirror caps on a sport?

    I have a silver a3 sportback, sport (couldn't afford the extra for an s-line).....come across some well priced genuine carbon mirror caps. Would they look rubbish on a sport? I feel like they'd only go well with the s-line styling? This is my a3...
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    Paint protection (Milton Keynes/St.Albans)

    I have been thinking about getting some sort of paint protection on my car, albeit a bit late in the day. It's a 14 plate A3 which I bought in October. Coincidentally my Mum has just bought a 2015 Peugeot 208 which she's collecting on Sunday- the Peugeot dealer has offered the usual exterior and...
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    Removing sill guards/kick plates

    I am thinking about replacing my standard sill guards with some of the illuminated ones; (link for reference) Do the original just pull off- assume they're stuck down with double sided tape so if I get a hairdryer...
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    Hardwired dash cam won't power on

    Hi all, I have recently bought a 2014 A3 sport, loaded with plenty of nice extras. I have upgraded from a 2014 Seat Leon. I have moved my dashcam from the Leon into the A3, and set up seemed identical. I have a nextbase hardwire kit which I used to wire into the fusebox, running the cable up...