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  1. J

    Looking to get our first S3 but puzzled by spec.

    First of all I will say hello, I am new to Audi sport , but not that new to the Audi brand. We have been looking round for a 2007 on S3 , we have just seen one come up for sale in a local dealer. Its a 2007 spec car and it has recaro seats and is a metallic purple colour. Not seen many purple...
  2. J

    A3 170 CR S LINE Honest review ......

    OK, lets start I am new to this forum & have been considering a black edition 170 sportback as my next company car. So I have managed to get a 2009 A3 170 S line on a 4 day demo delivered. I do about 30,000 company miles a year in my company car plus 10,000 personal driving miles in my other...
  3. J

    Has any one got a common rail 170 a3 yet ?

    I am thinking of ordering a 170 tdi sport back, just wondering how strong the new 170 engine is. I currently have a 320d 163bhp Will the audi feel faster ? will it be as quiet ?