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    B7 RS4 - Just turned 100K miles....still loving her!

    Had her a few years and love driving any chance I get...... JHM 93Octane Tune JHM Intake Spacers JHM Solid Short Shifter 20" Rotiform SNA's Piggie Down Pipes
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    Need Help Finding B7 RS4 Wings

    Here in states wings are very scarce and I'm hoping to see if a fellow fanatic can help a yank out? I'm looking for both sides and willing to pay you to help me find some wings! If you can find a pair, any color(s) but in half decent condition (I plan on painting, sanding, etc)......make a...
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    Fuel Pump Relay - Where is it?

    where would i start looking? owners manual?
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    Newbie - Question on Engine

    Test Drove and put down a deposit, sale contingent if they can fix the rough idle/hesitation/skip causing what feels like car running on 7 cylinders? No CEL light. Any ideas? Car was washed last night....not the engine compartment. Not sure what kind of gas they put in the car either as it...