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    Upgraded ARB’s question

    Have super pro purchased white line? I know that white line products in the past have corroded very badly hence why I went hr
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    Upgraded ARB’s question

    I looked under the car and my error I thought it was two holes Can confirm the hr bar has one hole. It takes the corners a lot more flatter now No roll and I can push the pedal a little more without worrying. It does hold the ground and the difference from Before is noticeable. I also have the...
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    Upgraded ARB’s question

    When I get a chance and it’s dry I’ll get unDer the car and take a picture to Show u buddy
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    Upgraded ARB’s question
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    For Sale Rs3 oem coil packs x 5

    Hi As above have five oem available to sell as spares or replacements Covered 20k miles Good upgrade for other mqb platform cars £130 collected.
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    Upgraded ARB’s question

    Stiffer aide of the holes
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    Upgraded ARB’s question

    Hey buddy Yes it’s got full maxton styling all round I’m running forge hub centric spacers 11mm all Round Longer bolts with new ps4s tyres too I have proper ocd and need everything perfect I just need a solution for my front number plate Anyone run twist and fix number plate holders or sticker...
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    Upgraded ARB’s question

    Hi guys; just a quick update on the car etc so Thursday last week headed to Mrc tuning Stage 2 mapping with hardware bits installed and switchable maps including the rear hr arb. I can say that driving back home was completely different. The car felt brand new and so much power in a straight...
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    Upgraded ARB’s question

    Update; spoke with awesome Gti/Haz motorsport both recommend to do the rear only. If you fit a front one it just defeats the purpose of upgrading the rear The car naturally will understeer again so going the hr rear bar route thanks for everyone who commented can’t wait till the 6th till it...
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    Upgraded ARB’s question

    Thanks for your replies I was doing a lot of reading on this where the front and rear kit costs £410 And h&r provide the front T 27mm two way adjustable and rear at 25’m 2 way adjustable the rear is £175 on its own so half the price if the front really did make a difference then I’d do it...
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    Upgraded ARB’s question

    Hello, I have been researching this topic for the last week and still a bit unsure which route to go I booked in with MrC tuning to go stage 2 plus only facelift rs3 8v but contemplating to fit H&R roll bars front and rear but have been told that on the rs3 8v you don’t really need to fit the...
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    Rs3 saloon

    Any pics of what you did please
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    Wanted Audi rs3 8v - miltek downpipe and apr coil packs

    Hi As above Anyone have a second hand downpipe they have removed from their car if they have gone back to stock miltek - good condition Will consider Br motorsport Iroz Scorpion Also apr upgraded coilpacks- what have you? as a bonus anyone removed front and rear upgraded anti roll bars? And...
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    Brake pad warning?!

    How did your hp2000 pads work put? im Going to euros today to buy brembo xtra pads and discs for the rear (310mm cross drilled) I was going to buy the 356mm vagbremtechnic but heard a members bracket snapped and caused issues. appreciate your response in advance.
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    Engine Oil For 8V RS3

    Just read through the thread and a bit of clarity required Is castrol edge 5w - 30 fully syn good enough for a stage 1 car or Is it recommended to go 5w - 40 Esther syn just acquired the car and want to oil Change with haldex oil , brake pads and brake fluid. Any help appreciated
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    Facelift Post Pics Of Your Facelift RS3 8V In Here

    Hello, here’s my newly acquired rocket
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    anyone upgrading their 2004 audi 2.0tdi fwd 8p suspension

    Hi guys, i know this is not the wanted section, but is anyone looking to upgrade thheir current s - line or sport suspension?? if so i would be intereted in your oem dampers only. low mileage is possible please Ive noticed that mine have become slightly tired and also get a knocking from the...
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    A3 tdi 8p owner saying Hi

    Firstly...hello Ive been on this sight for a while now when I owned my highly tuned b5 rs4, some of you guys on here may know me from AudiSRS, but if you dont then i look forward to meeting you at future events/meets. Since selling the rs4 late summer last year I aquired a very nice 8p a3 tdi...
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    Disc rust

    can you not get the discs skimmed? Torque of the devil in Uxbridge (middx) can do this for your