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  1. cwuk2001

    Car playing up after heavy rain please help!

    My car has been stood a few days and this weekend had been really bad an consisted of heavy rain.. When I have gone to use the car today it struggled to start once started sound like it was mis firing an running on 3 cylinders, I turned the car off.. Took out the key and the fan started to work...
  2. cwuk2001

    After an oil pump failure.........

    CTD!! I had the exact same thing happen to me.. As I was just about to give up hope I spoke to a great guy called mike who specialises in this kind of problem! He really is a god send, give him a call and he will answer any questions and by definitely get your car back on the road! Tell him...
  3. cwuk2001

    signs of an alternator clutch failure please help...

    I have inherited a little rattle what seems like its coming from the alternator clutch pulley, the noise has gradually got worse, when I turn the air ccon on it stops, and it seems to me when the engine is wwarm too the noise isn't as loud. Does any one know how tto diagnose the problem or had...
  4. cwuk2001

    Chattering engine possible alternator pulley please help... :(

    Hello all I'm hoping someone can point me in the right direction as I'm wanting to go to vw festival this weekend but it might be a no go unless I get ths problem resumed, the incident occurred yesterday morning whilst my other half was driving to her mothers a chattering sound from the engine...
  5. cwuk2001

    Refurb'd The Bentleys

    Have you lamin x'ed the lights? My car is crystal blue so would look sweet with the smoked colour up front.
  6. cwuk2001

    Clunk/ knock when braking please help :(

    Hey all, just alately whilst driving when I brake I've noticed a loud clunk/knock it does not alter anythin on the car the noise is just very annoying and embarrassing! Ive had it to the garage today and they say they can't visually see anything wrong, Any ideas? Regards chris
  7. cwuk2001

    Mine at Elsecar today

    I was there I had a good look round you !must admit I was impressed with the wrapped rear diffuser, :)
  8. cwuk2001

    Cheapest temporary protection/cleaning equipment, techniques and routine?

    I was in my local detailing store last night and mess are doing a brilliant new car kit for only £36! Consists of everything to get you started! Have a look around online but I'll try an post a link too one shortly
  9. cwuk2001

    dog friendly a4 saloon... dropping seats down or something :(

    Woman large cars etc.... Lol how do you go About retrofitting some then? As I could lay 1 set down an she can still peep her head through, (dog of course) lol
  10. cwuk2001

    dog friendly a4 saloon... dropping seats down or something :(

    also is there a 60/40 rear seat option on the b7 model?
  11. cwuk2001

    dog friendly a4 saloon... dropping seats down or something :(

    hello all... unfourtanately before my my s line saloon my beloved other half didnt want a great big slavering golden labrador...! transporting her on the back seat at the minute and tbh im fed up of dog hair so... question is can i fold a seat down somehow make a sunroof in the parcel shelf or...
  12. cwuk2001

    Life has its ups and it's downs.... Please read lol

    aparently so... he even told me to remove my number plate surrounds as this reduces the size of the plate!! wasnt happy, no logos, symbols, slogans, etc... you can have the gb and obviously standard sized lettering etc...
  13. cwuk2001

    Best photo shop program to use

    As stated above.... I'm wanting to have a play around. What would be the best program to have a go with? Thanks chris
  14. cwuk2001

    Glove box problem and cruise control fitting advice

    Hi all as said above unfortunately I think something was jammed in my glovebox and when tried opening snapped the catch everything s all stil intact but I think the internal clip or something had broken. I can still access through removing the side panel and pressing in the button and the glove...
  15. cwuk2001

    Life has its ups and it's downs.... Please read lol

    Ok soni haven't been on in a while with work and things but I'd just like to have a quick rant and a moan! I have owned the Audi just coming up to a year now and all has been great and I am well impressed, we have covered 25k in the last 12 months and she hasn't skipped a beat Unfourtanately...
  16. cwuk2001


    payment sent :)
  17. cwuk2001

    Want More Power From My TDI Engine

    Whats your mileage and what other modifications do you have? That's quite a lot of power from the 140bhp isn't it? What map did that company use? Regards chris
  18. cwuk2001

    Want More Power From My TDI Engine

    hello there who did u use to gain 193.8hp? regards chris
  19. cwuk2001

    fitting of a aftermarket subwoofer

    i no this may be in the wrong section but i thought there would be much more response in here.. i have a vibe enclosure with built in amp to install to my symphony 2 i have all the bits to do so but i am worried about where to wire the remote to also what routes do i need to take to get the...