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  1. Gareth_RS3

    My Audi's broken - P0011 Error

    Ah keep us posted mate mines just come up with the same fault however mines out of warranty :(
  2. Gareth_RS3

    Big shout out to PCW Exhausts

    I've had mine done by Paul. Its worth the money for sure. Clips never do it justice either My car is a PFL and has the sports exhaust and Secondary de-cat pipes and it sounds perfect now to me. Still quiet in comfort no drone at all, and deeper and more throaty in Dynamic. One thing to note is...
  3. Gareth_RS3

    Rotiform BLQ Caliper clearance

    I've just bought a set of Rotiform BLQ rims in 19x8.5 ET45 thinking i could run up to an 10mm spacer if needs be to clear the front caliper Anyone running these alloys or know anybody who has?
  4. Gareth_RS3

    Big shout out to PCW Exhausts

    Have you got videos at all mate? Have you got the secondary decat pipes fitted? Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk
  5. Gareth_RS3

    Sportback 20s

    little drop as you said and they will look perfect
  6. Gareth_RS3

    Sportback 20s

    Can't help you with how to upload pics, but i'll be checking for when you do as that's the alloys i'm considering for mine! i'm sure they look spot on :icon thumright:
  7. Gareth_RS3

    Facelift BIL11 85 Audi RS3 Build

    Really taking shape mate, great build so far ! colour looks bang on :icon thumright:
  8. Gareth_RS3

    Big shout out to PCW Exhausts

    I'm booked in for Jan with 3 friends to go and see Paul. He previously did an E92 M3 for me which was unreal for the RS3 he does a couple of options as far as i'm aware... what did you go for? either the way none of the clips do any justice tbf
  9. Gareth_RS3

    Secondary cats removed

    That sounds lovely mate. I take it that's the sports exhaust along with the cat bypass fitted?