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  1. S3quatt

    For Sale 8L A3/S3 mirrors.

    Just throwing this out there as I'm having a garage clear out. I came across a pair of mirror glasses for my old motor with blue tints & heated etc. wondered if there would be any intrest in them?
  2. S3quatt

    Hi and Mid B&O retrofit

    Probably a bit late to the party here, but after having a loan car with the standard speakers I'd say don't waste the time, effort & money. There's very little noticeable difference in music quality unless you actually play CD's. Listening to the radio or ipod on the standard Audi system vs B&O...
  3. S3quatt

    Fed up of bouncy springs, can you retro fit dynamic suspension?

    This is helpful how? Different terms for the same thing.
  4. S3quatt

    What happens to engine response when using paddles in dynamic mode?

    Is it just me, or does anyone else get hacked off with the way the gearbox operates? For example: approaching traffic & clear road ahead. Manually drop into 4th ready to pass. Put the foot down & "oh, wait a moment, I'll just change down another gear" followed by "Oops hold on, I've used up...
  5. S3quatt

    Fed up of bouncy springs, can you retro fit dynamic suspension?

    I can safely say that if you had specced adaptive suspension, it would have been money thrown away too! When in comfort, it wallows & bounces in bumpy corners. When in dynamic, its uncomfortably hard & bouncy in bumpy corners. I can relate to the (almost being spat out on a corner) post. Had the...
  6. S3quatt

    gadget show 'car wash'

    Saw that... Cringe worthy! I feel sorry for anyone who volunteered their cars to be washed!
  7. S3quatt

    Be wary of Meguiars it may not be all good.

    I used to rate megs products highly, but it seems that times have changed & profit comes before quality with them now. The wash mitts now are **** & have found the falling apart after a few months, so wont be buying any more of them. The DA I bought, went through a set of brushes after very...
  8. S3quatt

    Tracker's anyone?

    Don't get me wrong, I'm the same as most, I wouldn't want it back if it was nicked, & TBH I'd go with the 160mph into a tree preference any day of the week. In the case of what the scumbags have been doing around aberdeen IE. stealing, ragging, baiting police & hiding the car in between times...
  9. S3quatt

    Tracker's anyone? It was this type of thing I was looking into... I'm planning on looking at other options to see what the score is with them & see how they...
  10. S3quatt

    Tracker's anyone?

    I've been looking into some options for fitting trackers, & have come up with one & it tested out well. Accurate to my exact location when tested. The type in question can be DIY fitted, no subscription charge (only requires a PAYG SIM), & you can receive alerts & track both online or with an...
  11. S3quatt

    Regretted Options?

    None i would say I really regret, but the ones I feel I wasted money on were: HHA Reversing camera Different wheels Mag ride The only options I never ticked were pano roof & LED headlights. All things considered, its turned out to be a slightly boring car coming from a well sorted 8L S3
  12. S3quatt

    Incredible !!! Watch this....

    Safe to say I was more distracted by the girl walking past lol!
  13. S3quatt

    Sepang blue- with or without black styling pack?

    I say with! Partners A5 has the black styling & it looks awesome!
  14. S3quatt

    S3/A3 ride/handling...? Honest opinions

    ^^^^^ This ^^^^ Take a look at this... I know, different car etc, but the principles are the same so you might find it helpful. My 8L was Jim's old one & I had it set up more or less like Ess's & it drove like it...
  15. S3quatt

    S3/A3 ride/handling...? Honest opinions

    I doubt if springs alone will help with the rooooolll! The first thing I would try are the anti roll bars. Went through all that with the 8L & the ARB's stopped the roll. Poly flex bushes & uprated strut top bushes sharpened the turn in etc. Bilstein shocks & Eibach springs helped overall. In...
  16. S3quatt

    S3/A3 ride/handling...? Honest opinions

    None taken, & apologies if I sounded like having a rant LOL! I may have had a couple of shandies! I cant say for sure if they are all the same, but I know what you mean about the disconnected feeling. Having swapped from a fully sorted 8L to the 8V, I just accepted it was the way things are...
  17. S3quatt

    S3/A3 ride/handling...? Honest opinions

    I can relate to that, it was a 991 I was driving & it felt perfect & not much difference in feedback from what I get in the 997. This was being discussed with my instructor at the Porsche driving school & he was telling me that they had a bunch of motoring journo's down shortly after they first...
  18. S3quatt

    A5 Black Edition Plus

    Picking up one of these in sepang blue tomorrow... Not mine, (her indoors). All her own choice! I'm proud of her!
  19. S3quatt

    Pre sense

    I've had the brakes activate on their own with the PS warning. it's happened when a car in front is turning off on a slip lane to the right & i've carried on past. If it still thinks theres a chance of hitting the car in front, it will hit the brakes..
  20. S3quatt

    S3/A3 ride/handling...? Honest opinions

    On a side note, watching Polish TG & other countries motoring shows, it reminds me how much I'm going to miss Topgear UK! As much as I've tired of Clarkson over the years, I defo think its still the best motoring show out!