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    Audi A3 starting proplem

    Hi there i wonder if somebody could help with the following fault.. I have a 2.0tdi Audi A3 2004 and for a while now when you try and start it mainly from cold it struggles like the battery is dead but keep the key turned and it starts after a short delay.. I've lived with this for a while now...
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    A3 2.0 TDI Juddering HELP PLEASE

    Hello i wonder if anybody come give me some advice please. I have a 2.0 TDI A3 2004 156000 and it has started to judder like mad and some times cuts out. When the accelerator pedal is pushed down hard i coughs and splutters but if you lift of for a split second it goes off. I have removed and...
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    EGR valve headache

    Engine management light is on so took to local garage to get it read and they said problem was with the EGR valve and turned the light off saying if it comes back on to take back.. It did come back on after a few miles but i have trawled through countless posts and am wondering does it just need...
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    New Audi A3 owner saying hello

    Hello just got my first Audi a3 its a 04 plate 2.0tdi it has done 154000 but i couldn't say no for the price it was a steel..