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  1. Ben shults

    Removing drivers side skirt

    I need to take off my driver side skirt off my Audi s3 8p 3 door for paint! Anyone shed any light I know there's plastic nuts underneath and pop clips on the front but how about where the sill joins the kick panel? Is it glued down?
  2. Ben shults

    Head unit coding!

    hello, So my friend is part exing his car in next week he has a rnse mk2 which I'm going to take off it before he does! It has the code etc! But I've got to then put my concert stereo in his but will need the code I think to work in his car! Can I get the code at all? I have access to vcds...
  3. Ben shults

    Steering wheel retrim alcantara

    just a recommendation had my wheel retrimmed by royal steering wheels! The quality is better than oem Awesome job!
  4. Ben shults

    Cruise control parts

    I have an Audi s3 2009 my09 so facelift I want to know what part number I need for cruise control stalk I'm right on the crossover year so it's confusing me! Chassis number is:- wauzzz8p49a013681
  5. Ben shults

    iPod dock change to ami

    I have a 2009 s3 is it possible to change my iPod dock in the glove box to the ami unit? Does it have the same connectors etc?
  6. Ben shults

    Abs/traction control fault

    Audi s3 2009, If I accelerate/launch the car and the wheels spin I get the dash lit up like a Christmas tree abs fault brake failure etc, or if I go into a corner too fast and traction control kicks in I also get it! Anyone had similar issue or can help me with the issue when I read the code I...
  7. Ben shults

    Diy inlet clean!

    Reading a lot on cleaning the inlet valves, I will be taking the manifold off in the coming weeks fitting rfd kit, so while I'm there may aswell give it a clean up, what's the best method to use?
  8. Ben shults

    Rnse mk1 & 2

    What's the difference between the two units other than read bigger memory cards and led screen? I'm torn between which too get so can I justify the extra £150
  9. Ben shults

    2011 a3 8p service reset

    Is the only way to reset the 'service due' message via vcds? Is there no manual sequence you can do it to reset?
  10. Ben shults

    Clutch options helix or sachs

    I'm stage 2+ 380ftlbs What clutch should I go for helix or sachs
  11. Ben shults

    Clutch change s3 8p

    Im a mechanic so am going to tackle this, Do you need to remove the transfer box from the gearbox to get it out? I've done a gti clutch before so other than the transfer box it shouldn't be too different? Anyone got any hints/tips
  12. Ben shults

    380ftlbs clutch now slipping

    Audi s3 ap3 Had my car mapped yesterday, clutch now slipping I was expecting it too at that torque, so best place and reasonably priced to buy a kit? I don't want a paddle clutch and I want too keep the dmf, What do you guys recommend and where from? Also how bad are they too change I've done...
  13. Ben shults

    8p3 going to Europe Headlight beam

    I need to change my beam to lhd anyone know if there is a lever to do this?
  14. Ben shults

    Rnse removal and refit

    So my friend has rnse in his car which he is about to trade in so I'm going too have it for mine and replace with my oe unit, I have access to vcds where to I start I know u need codes off both units for them too work in different cars Cheers Ben
  15. Ben shults

    Cheapest place to get hpfp

    Cheapest place to get one loba preferably
  16. Ben shults

    anti lag? standard ko4

    anyone running this and is it safe? ive seen a few tuners mapping it in?
  17. Ben shults

    S3 2009 spark plugs

    I'm booked in for mapping and want to do a full service before, can anyone recommend spark plugs what's the best ones to get, I'm going stage 2
  18. Ben shults

    Anyone used grm Northampton for mapping

    Anyone used grm Northampton for mapping? Would like some feedback Cheers ben
  19. Ben shults

    S3 8p2 clutch diy

    Going stage 2+ obviously going to need to replace the clutch, Anyone tackled one before what they like to do? Any hints/tips I ought to know? Cheers Ben
  20. Ben shults

    S3 8p milltek 3" downpipe

    Got myself a 3" downpipe and sports car, fitting today has anyone had fitment issues with it hitting the prop shaft?