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  1. Rich76

    Might be coming back to the fold

    Unfortunately she didn’t go for the a3, couldn’t believe how hard it was to find an a3 manual petrol s line with cruise So ended up going to what she had prior to the Audi ,an Alfa Romeo This time in 1.4 multiair 170bhp spec, ticked slow the boxes she wanted but was still suitable for work...
  2. Rich76

    Might be coming back to the fold

    Wife is looking for an a3 so I might be back soon 1.4tfsi has around a 14-16 reg anything to look out for ?
  3. Rich76

    Council fine advice (falsely accused)

    Does sound very much like someone has cloned your car it’s more common than you think , first thing to do is contact the police and inform them
  4. Rich76

    Audi Lego offer Tesco

    I have it sat here waiting to be built Really hoping they some of the other rally cars from that era
  5. Rich76

    number plate rules

    I have no details on mine and speaking to several mot testers they say it is now an advisory if the details arnt on the bottom ( I just throw the plates the dealer made me when I got the car in the boot ) as much as we all hate Halfords last time I saw there plates they put the legal info in...
  6. Rich76

    Number Plates.

    pro plates do shortened ones with or without the relevant markings
  7. Rich76

    Genuine Audi Sport quattro S1 LEGO Speed Champions Kit **NEW ITEM**

    They have it in Tesco for £18
  8. Rich76

    M.O.T due?.

    Afaik it’s still in place, of course there is nothing to say that you still can’t get it done I am a service manager and start back tomorrow, the wife’s car was due the test at the start of may , I’ll be taking it to work one day this week and getting the Mot and service done as they are both...
  9. Rich76

    SO WHAT are you doin' with all this Coronavirus 'free' time?

    I’ve tried that ! It hurts ! not managed to sleep in my bed since Tuesday ! Far mot comfortable sitting up on the sofa with a beer for pain relief!
  10. Rich76

    SO WHAT are you doin' with all this Coronavirus 'free' time?

    Think the bmw is nearly clean now ! Spread it out a couple of hours a day over the last week ! But think I’m now going to clean up paint the brake backing plates ! decking painted Fences painted Down stairs toilet painted Our bedroom to go , have lived in the house since new and it is the...
  11. Rich76

    SO WHAT are you doin' with all this Coronavirus 'free' time?

    Detailed the daily wheels off all inner arches cleaned Wheels washed and waxed in side and out Car cleaned garden fence painted, shed to be done this week paint is on order for the bedroom and downstairs toilet few bits ordered to work on the car with mainly the wrapping of some trims ...
  12. Rich76

    VCDS or anything that can reset inspection/ allow parking brake changes

    Sure this can be done via carista
  13. Rich76

    Autoglym Lifeshine

    The kits used to cost me £69 each, that is for the application kit and the bag of stuff they give to you
  14. Rich76

    Autoglym Lifeshine

    If it is applied properly it’s not a bad product but in my experience it isn’t done correctly I have a couple of sets of it in the man cave from my days in the trade , I use the glass and interior treatment but not the paint work. when I did my training the paint sealer is supposed to be...
  15. Rich76

    Narrow escape

    Can’t get the noise of the screaming out of my head or the image of the impact , in sure I’ll be ok in a day or two the driver seemed ok , certainly well enough for the services to allow her to stand up and then get on to the stretcher all be it strapped down and in a neck brace
  16. Rich76

    Narrow escape

    Travelling home from visiting the family in Shropshire we called to do some some shopping in Corby on the way home travelling along the road between Corby and Stamford we had a very lucky and narrow escape the car in front veered across the white line as we exited a corner and collided with...
  17. Rich76

    European road trip

    I did all of the driving , doing around five or six hours a day as I had my kids (10 and 14) in the car use via Michelin for the route and for accommodation route all planned out before we left we did Calais to sarrbruken to Milan to sankt peter am kammersberg ( stayed 4...
  18. Rich76

    European road trip

    Well been home a while now so must update we covered 2500 miles in the 14 days we were away, drive some fantastic roads some much faster than others, well yiu have to keep up with the flow of traffic on the autobahn right? visited some lovely places, Austria is amazing and is certainly...
  19. Rich76

    Ok chaps, talk to me about Spotify.

    Apple Music here I have the family pack
  20. Rich76

    European road trip

    Yes I must admit I do like a challenging drive , wish I still had the time and money to spend on having a track car and doing track days ! Today was the start of the journey home , took in both the Brenner pass and the fern pass both fantastic roads to drive even at slow speeds abd you get to...