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  1. indiemike

    Lcr Brembo part number

    Any one know the part number for item 3 below please
  2. indiemike

    LCR Brembo Pins

    Cheers mate, sent over a email last night. Hopefully he can help out
  3. indiemike

    LCR Brembo Pins

    Hello not been on here for a while but always remember members being more than helpful. Anyways I have LCR with the 323mm brembos, I have the problem where I need new pins but really struggling to get hold of any at the right price. Only seat and tps seem to sell them at a lovely £67 a caliper...
  4. indiemike

    Max safe torque level?

    Just a quick question, roughly what is the max safe level that the 1.8 20v can handle in way of torque on standard internals and maintain reliability
  5. indiemike

    Which TDI?

    I moved last year to a diesel from a S3, when i first got it i really thought id made the worse mistake ever in selling my s3 which i still miss today, but seeing the extra money in my bank every month soon made up for it. Get a Revo on it will put a smile on your face
  6. indiemike

    S3 dash cup holder help

  7. indiemike

    S3 dash cup holder help

    Wondered if anyone can help. I've removed the factor headunit and plastic silver center dash and fitted a S3 pre facelift piano black dash into my Leon, Fitted with S3 hazard/ESP and rear window heater buttons but I need the cup holder dash button. Does anyone know the part number? Or...
  8. indiemike


    13.9 with below spec at the pod gti int 09
  9. indiemike

    Nearly sold my S3! (but didn't)

    Good choice.. I'm still gutted I sold mine and it's been a good 9months now
  10. indiemike

    Selling my S3, need help with price..

    I recently sold my W reg S3, same mileage in mint condition, with the spec below for £5750 in may to a member on here
  11. indiemike

    323mm EBC Ultimax discs And Ferodo DS2500,S

    They sure will stop you quick Get some pics up when fitted
  12. indiemike

    Buying an A3 TDi Quattro

    Saying that does anyone fancy a swap.... My 05 Leon Fr Tdi for a A3 1.8T Quattro??
  13. indiemike

    Buying an A3 TDi Quattro

    Wish I bought a A3 Quattro now after selling the S3 and buying a LCR Diesel Seen some good ones on pistonheads, will you have any plans for it in way of mods
  14. indiemike

    Rolling road power query

    Running 4wd @ fly Cant remember the wheel figures
  15. indiemike

    Rolling road power query

    Yea used the SPS3 system... Boost cranked up to "9"
  16. indiemike

    Rolling road power query

    The car used to be fast enough and cant really argue with the figures.. Do miss that power now tho
  17. indiemike

    Rolling road power query

    I had on a "Dyno Dynamics" ment to be one of the best rolling roads around with the spec below... 250Bhp and 285Ftb
  18. indiemike


    Welcome to the site Hope uve got some spare money set aside
  19. indiemike

    Insurance Companies

    Try sky insurance that sponsor on here, done me a good deal
  20. indiemike

    Begginer questtions

    Well mapping the car should sort that little problem out. U would increase the power and improve fueling but nothing noticeable. The end of the day its down to your driving style that helps your fuel costs out the most