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  1. Ozzyy

    Audi A3 8V S-Line Front Fog Light Grill

    Thanks for getting back, so could you see anything wrong if I was to put them on my standard tdi sline only for the aesthetic of the car
  2. Ozzyy

    Audi A3 8V S-Line Front Fog Light Grill

    Hello, I want to change my fog light grilles from standard sline honeycomb ones to the same sline style but vented and with a chrome outline, my question is there a reason that the standard ones aren’t vented ie is there something behind that needs protecting if a stone was to hit there etc...
  3. Ozzyy

    Exterior/interior mods A3 8v sline Sportback

    Ladies, Looking for any mods to make my sline A3 Sportback look abit sharper. Already looking at front splitter and side skirts, anything for the rear. Cheers
  4. Ozzyy

    Any improvements to A3 2.0 tdi S-line inside or out?

    Alright chaps, Just looking for any improvements to put on A3 2.0 tdi sline to make it bit more different from the others. Please let me know if any ideas and feel free to post pictures to show them off Cheers
  5. Ozzyy

    2.0 tdi 8v air intake/induction kit

    Cheers mate, I was wondering why I was only seeing ones for tfsi, I’ve only had my Audi for a couple of months if there are any mods performance or visual that you would recommend would be brill
  6. Ozzyy

    2.0 tdi 8v air intake/induction kit

    Hello, New to this site but was wondering if anyone could recommend any air intake/induction kits? Not a massive petrol head... yet Cheers