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  1. Georgeski

    Power in the glovebox

    I was intending to fit a miracast type device in the glove box so that I could display Google Maps, Spotify etc on the MMI. For some reason I thought there was another cigarette light socket in the glove box, but had a look yesterday and there clearly isn't. What options have I got for powering...
  2. Georgeski


    Anyone got a JB1 fitted to their S1?
  3. Georgeski

    Low power tuning options

    Are there any decent lower power increase options - 30-40BHP as I can't be bothered to have to replace the clutch at some point? Ideally one that can be removed and won't flag if I have a service etc
  4. Georgeski

    Installing the metal gearknob

    How easy is this to do? Is there anything tricky that I should look out for?
  5. Georgeski

    S1 discounts

    Hello I currently have a Focus RS on order and I'm getting sick of waiting for it so have started to look at S1's. I've always thought they are great looking cars. I have spoken to a few garages and done an enquiry through Carwow and the discount available on a new car is almost not existent (3...