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  1. ptr

    Hoping someone can help - central locking and windows no longer work!

    In case anyone else has this problem, I got a used central locking pump off eBay for £60 posted, fitted today and everything is working fine! Pump runs for approx 2-3 seconds and after clearing the 'pump overrun - likely leak' code it has not returned so no leaks hopefully. I had to...
  2. ptr

    Hoping someone can help - central locking and windows no longer work!

    This all happened at once, car was perfect then windows, sunroof and remote locking stopped working. I've been googling and searching but have yet to find something displaying these exact symptoms; - Central locking no longer works, indicators don't flash, it's like I havent even pressed the...
  3. ptr

    Audi coil pack campaign

    Were yours the bolt down type? I want to see if mine are under the recall and was going to use West London Audi on the A4.
  4. ptr

    How much oil does your vehicle consume?

    I was told by Audi that using up to 1L of oil per 1000 miles was normal for my '99 A3 1.6, a petrol! Turned out there was a leak at the filter seal.
  5. ptr

    Pet hate's

    There is no obligation to use a cycle lane, given most of them are unusable or completely pointless I tend to ignore them. That second video made me cringe. IMO the cyclist was in the wrong and I was impressed the Audi driver didn't respond negatively when the cyclist started patronising him on...
  6. ptr

    Pet hate's

    I've found that riding further out, they're less likely to try and squeeze past, they tend to only overtake when safe and there's enough room. To be honest, I live in London and on flat ground I can ride at 25-30mph so overtaking isn't too big a concern. Back on topic... I don't understand...
  7. ptr

    Pet hate's

    I'm a cyclist, lycra clad and all, I purposefully ride about 3 feet from the curb so when someone overtakes way too close I have room to swerve. I used to ride nearer the curb to make it easier for drivers to pass until someone clipped me with a wing mirror, my front tyre touched the curb and I...
  8. ptr

    Car feels "floaty" at 80+

    My A3 always feels like that, but I'm on bog standard (and completely knackered) suspension.
  9. ptr

    How To: Change Brake Pads

    Job is easy apart from needing the piston reset tool, I carefully levered the pads apart using a wrench with no problems.
  10. ptr

    So I guess I have a new car...

    Congratulations! What a machine, get some more vids :yes:
  11. ptr

    what can I do to the performance for my tdi 130

    A modified diesel will likely cost more to insure than a stock S3 and not declaring your mods will invalidate your insurance. You could just get the TDI remapped? Doubt insurers would ever check that in the case of an accident, but don't rely on it. I reckon you're best buying a 1.6 A3 or...
  12. ptr

    what can I do to the performance for my tdi 130

    Not being funny but if that's the case then why not get an S3 instead of spending money making a diesel fast?
  13. ptr

    Headlights 8l A3..

    you can refurbish the current ones with some wet and dry sandpaper and polish. there's a thread on here with pics somewhere.
  14. ptr

    cheap cool mod

    carbon wrap the chrome grill surround, cost me about £10 for the wrap from eBay and completely transforms the front of the car. I would recommend removing the bumper to get the grill and then grill surround off, as the plastic clips are brittle and break easily so best to lever them out from...
  15. ptr

    Can't get center caps off?! (and no I'm not a ******!)

    Not even a butter knife or similar? A blunt piece of metal wont damage the wheel.
  16. ptr

    Ebay Audi S3 280bhp 0-60 5s

    Science of Cycling: Aerodynamics & Wind Resistance | Exploratorium
  17. ptr

    Ebay Audi S3 280bhp 0-60 5s

    I race road bikes, at about 30mph 80% of your energy is being used just to push the air out of the way, so I would agree that the S3 shape would be a major limiting factor to top speed although I'm not doubting anyone.
  18. ptr

    Securing the boot ??

    Yes but you're trying to slow them down or make it more difficult for the thieving scumbags.
  19. ptr

    Ebay Audi S3 280bhp 0-60 5s

    I just struggle to believe it's 280bhp when he doesn't state any mods other than the remap.