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  1. duffbeer

    Newbie - thinking of 2.0TDI (140) S Line

    I have the BOSE system in my car and to be honest I'm not impressed. I thought it would sound much better than the standard system but it just doesn't sound right. Definitely not worth the extra cash they charge for it. Don't get me wrong, it sounds OK.......just not much better. Oh, and...
  2. duffbeer

    My sportbacks 14 week makeover

    Absolutely stunning job mate!! I love the whole grey/red theme it looks really good. One question: Are those dials in the glovebox? What are they for?
  3. duffbeer

    Black Edition

    Nurse!.........he's out of bed again.
  4. duffbeer

    Does anyone on here got a bulletproof A3?

    lmfao!!! Brave............
  5. duffbeer

    Newbie advice needed

    3 door in Phantom Black - good choice sir!
  6. duffbeer

    Newbie advice needed

    Did you get your car from Lake District Audi? Your avatar pic looks very similar to mine!
  7. duffbeer

    Red rings!!!! Oo er Missus...

    Please don't do it.....your rings are lovely as they are. lol
  8. duffbeer

    Today's 3rd newbie!!!!!!

    Arrggh!! Don't remind me!! lol I ordered cruise control on my original lease car but this one doesn't have it. My previous 2 cars had cruise and I really miss it.
  9. duffbeer

    Today's 3rd newbie!!!!!!

    It's a comapny car and I had one on order for over 6 months before they decided there was no eta!!! My boss kindly offered to buy a car for for rather than wait so I got an ex demo car with 4k on the clock. Really happy with the car - although I didn't get all the extras that I ordered with the...
  10. duffbeer

    Today's 3rd newbie!!!!!!

    Sorry - I couldn't resist!! Been reading these forums for a while so I thought it was time to join in. I'm the proud driver of a 60 plate Black Edition - just got it 2 weeks ago after a long battle but it was totally worth it. Thanks to everyone who posts here regularly - you have helped me...
  11. duffbeer

    Black Edition

    First post here....been looking for a long time though. This forum helped me to get information regarding the availability of the A3 BE. Thanks to everyone who contributes regularly. Pleased to say I have now got my A3 BE - but it wasn't easy. Had one on order for 6 months with our lease...