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  1. Smir

    Wind Deflectors cheap mod there for you :p shame couldn't find the pink ones like they have had in store -.-
  2. Smir

    Bumper repair advice

    did you get it check out fully?? crumble zones might be damaged at the back? o.0
  3. Smir

    Wind Deflectors

    Had them a few years ago on different cars, then grew up and out of them -.- pretty much useless, I never really noticed much difference with them... its never going to be a silent drive.. no matter what you use, want it quiet? close the window -.-
  4. Smir

    Fancy a new colour on your A3?

    its actually cheaper then you think.... did a little looking around the site, there are two UK Companys that use the pasti dip Full Car £250 - London Starting from £500 also in London
  5. Smir

    What would you do !

    Seems like just a scuff, do you not have a tyre/wheel place around your area? I'd ask for a quote..
  6. Smir

    why oh why didn't I buy that 1.0 Ecoboost Focus?

    Have you seen the lights on the new police cars? I never spot them, tiny little LED's on the roof.. Guess I need to get into the habit of looking at the car rather then the roof >.<
  7. Smir

    why oh why didn't I buy that 1.0 Ecoboost Focus?

    isn't you have the speed for the need? ;) lol very unlucky though!
  8. Smir so bad

    I guess to save the risk from court + losing license, and instead get a fixed pentaly instead? -.-
  9. Smir so bad

    I don't think that's right.. Can't you just book it without being told to by a the police? What if a new driver wants to do it? As for speeding, its a touchy story, different between 5mph is life of death for someone.. speed limits are there for a reason, no matter what time of day, so many...