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    MisFuel A4 V6 TDI QS Avant -Advice Required

    Hi All Any Help Much Appreciated The Wife Went To Shell In >>>>> Last Wk When She Got Out Of The Car , She Told Pump Attendant She Wanted £50 VPower Diesel , She Then Went inside , As the Guy Has Filled the Car For her Numerous Times She Paid for the fuel and left , Drove to Butchers...
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    HI CAN ANY ONE HELP ? im after fitting a 8E0 907 279 E central electrics module to my 03 A4 V6 QS TDI to get DIS fully working the module i had was a C version !!! is there any way to get this working and not giving 10 bulb out warnings i take it my car has Lowline wiring How can i make...
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    DIS not telling me brake lights out ?

    hi all can any one shed any light on why RETRO fitted DIS Is NOT Telling Me Brake Light Bulbs Out ? i have the CHECK button... when pressed does all checks and says OK , but i Have a drivers side Brake Light out ? is this down to Coding ? Thx Cheech
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    Hi the problem is ive installed some 5x led sidelights in my B6 QS ive noticed that when i put on my sidelights im LOSING FM RADIO STATIONS ? any ideas why ? they are not giving any warnings on DIS . do i need resistors or just different LED sidelights ? Can anyone link to known good Led...
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    B6 FBMFSW Options

    Hi can any one help with letting me know which FBMFSW can be fitted to B6 A4 ? tried lookin but keep finding conflicting info ie probs with single and dual stage airbags . any info much appreciated also part no and what wheels fit thx Cheech
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    B6 2.5 V6 QS No gears

    i was out in my V6 QS last nite stopped outside a shop , then when i came out CAR WOULD NOT ENGAGE ANY GEAR ???? Had to wait 3hrs for a lift from RAC :banghead: the pedal feels fine as it did before , BUT CANNOT GET ANY GEAR WHEN ENGINE IS RUNNING when engine is switched off all gears...
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    :think:When my climate control is set to low it closes of the outside air recirculate flap ? when i noticed this last night it would open again if i pressed econ button , or turned temp upto 20 c , my climate has had a musty smell when i first start it for a while now , Even though its had a...
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    what these codes mean ?

    hi can any one help with these codes Coding: 00001 Shop #: WSC 63351 2 Faults Found: 01753 - Windshield Wiper Motor (V) Stage 1 31-10 - Open or Short to Ground - Intermittent 01754 - Windshield Wiper Motor (V) Stage 2 31-10 - Open or Short to Ground -...
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    S4 N/S SPLASH GUARD part no 8E0615311C

    Hi can any one help ? im finally getting round to fitting my B6 S4 brake upgrade on my V6 2.5 TDI , today when i went to get the bits from TPS i found out that the N/S splashguard for the S4 part no 8E 0615 311c are on Backorder from factory with no due date so im stuck also after the N/S...
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    hi can any 1 help me with these codes ive gotten of my a4 q ? heres vag com log Wednesday,21,March,2007,16:20:48 VAG-COM Version: Release 607.3-UD Chassis Type: 8E - Audi A4 B6/B7 Scan: 01 02 03 08 09 0F 11 15 16 17 18 36 37 45 46 55 56 57 65 67 69 75 76 77 VIN Number...
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    help with cruise retro fitting

    hi can anybody here help me ? new a4 owner excellant car ... but ( i Feel ) lacking cruise control ! ive looked into pricing up cc kit but local audi stealers say may need new ECU ? they said you could tell with diagnostics .... so im going to order VAG COM hex-usb can from
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    NEW V6 TDI QUATTRO 180 ps Owner

    Hi too All , New A4 owner and i must say ...... What A Car Excellent forum Cheech