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  1. BGS

    Chip, and not the good potatoey kind.

    So, washing the car this morning (pre-wash and 2 bucket method of course) and noticed a paint chip on the front bumper just beside the front grill. I am assuming that it shows through black as it is plastic underneath in this area? So corrosion shouldn't be an issue? My question is how best to...
  2. BGS

    Sim Card Adaptors.

    I've got Audi Connect and currently got an old pay as you go sim card in there. So, I’m looking to get a contract sim from Three this morning and it occurs to me that I might as well just get a handset too for about the same money as they have an offer for existing customers, whip out the sim...
  3. BGS

    Just Confirmed - My Saloon shall be delivered on Friday.

    Just got off the phone with Leeds Audi. Have arranged delivery of my Saloon for Friday PM. Not sure how much sleep I will get between now and then, but if I am not too bleary eyed and the sun is still up I shall do my best to get some pics. Roll on Friday :)
  4. BGS

    What size SIM?

    Hello peeps, Gettiing close now and need to think about picking up a sim for Audi Connect - Can anyone confirm what size SIM I need to source? ie. Mini, Micro, Nano or god forbid, Standard Thanks in advance.
  5. BGS

    What's the drop - Magnetic Ride

    Okay all, hoping to draw on your expert knowledge 'cos I am stumped. Does anyone know if speccing Magnetic Ride changes the ride height? I know sports drops 15mm and you drop a further 10mm with S-Line but i cant find anything definitve on the Mag Ride.
  6. BGS

    Hamster's take on the A3 Saloon - "Meh"

    I think this might the first negative review I have seen for the Saloon. Although it is more indifferent than negative I suppose. The Hamster seems to be thouroughly underwhelmed. Hopefully he is just jaded by the sheer volume of cars he gets to drive, or was maybe expecting something wildy...
  7. BGS

    A3 vs CLA in Autoexpress

    Stumbled across this yesterday - looks like I made the right choice:). Audi A3 vs Mercedes CLA | Auto Express Some interesting facts at the end too. First place i've seen 30mph to 50mph and 50mph to 70mph times for the saloon.
  8. BGS

    Got an estimated delivery date for my Saloon - eventually.

    So after much back and forth with incorrect orders and me changing my mind more than a few times the lease have company have finally given me an estimated delivery to my local dealership of 31st Jan 2014. I guess thats about the going rate for delivery times at the moment so not too much of a...
  9. BGS

    Just joined, Just ordered.

    Hi All, New to the forums, been browsing a month or two but have just placed an order with a lease company through work so thought I should get signed up. Gone for the 1.4 Cylinder on Demand Sportback S Line, Brilliant black. Will be my first Audi and just a slight improvement on my current...
  10. BGS

    First Post

    Hello all, My first post to the forums. Been browsing for a month or two but have just ordered my first Audi so thought i had better sign up. New A3 on its way in September, hopefully. I'll put more details up in the right forum.