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    Facelift Auto express long term review
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    Facelift Sports exhaust in dynamic fault?

    Hi, well I finally got to test drive one as mine is nearly here and what can I!! I drove a saloon and it was amazing to say the least. The car in comfort drives like an every day can as it has the magnetic ride and tbh I could have been driving an A3/S3 as it felt very civilised...
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    Facelift "The RS3 has finally come of age" Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk
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    Facelift OBD Portector

    Hey guys, Been a while since I've been on here but I thought I would throw this out there. My cars is on order and keyless (and I can't wait!!) I wanted extra security though. Has anyone heard of a company called OBD Portector? Apparently is a device fitted with no 'hard' wiring and won't...
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    New RS3 2017

    Well finally here are some pics of the saloon version which is being tested prior to releasing both the hatch and saloon. 400 BHP is coming folks get ready with your deposits.....I may go for the saloon! #tearsofjoy Sent...
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    Paint strength......

    Just a question for you all, does the strength of paint differ depending on what colour you choose? For example if you choose a solid colour would it be weaker than a metallic of pearl paint and why?
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    Nardo v mythos black

    So I'm very undecided as to which colour is better? I really like the nardo but my sensible head says stick with the black as a safe option. I do like the black also so it's not as though I'm compromising by taking the safe option but the nardo is really nice. What are people's options as to...
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    S Tronic A3........which engine?

    I was wondering what engine works best with the S Tronic. I've read many reviews about the gearbox in the A3 and they seem to say that it works best with the 1.8 TFSI and the 2.0L (184) TDI. From the reviews, they say that the 2.0 (150) and the 1.4 C.O.D are 'clumsy and jurky' and do not work...
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    Face lift A3/S3

    Does anyone know when they will release the facelift on the current 8V? What would you expect to be different from the current A3/S3?
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    A3 service

    Please can someone give me advice about the servicing for my car. I've done nearly 9000 miles and loving every minute of it and my warning light has now appeared telling me to change the oil in my car. All well and good and I will get this done but I'm car tells me that it's also due an...
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    CD holder

    Just wondered how people store their CD's in the car? Is there a genuine Audi CD holder I can get? 😳
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    Strange sound....

    Well I have a little issue at the min maybe with my B&O. Whilst driving on the motorway I heard a popping sound coming from the dash area and it sounded like an empty bottle popping when it's been left in the car on a hot day however I had no bottle there. Can anyone advise what this may be...
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    Washing your car

    Hey with the bad weather this week and rain, my car needs it's first clean and I was wondering how go go about it? I don't want to put any marks on the paint by using the wrong sponge or washing it the wrong way. Can anyone give advice on the best sponge I can buy and what...
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    B & O

    Does anyone know the audi product codes for B & O system and audi SS? There should be a sticker in the manual of the car with codes in it? Would anyone be able to take a look in their manual and see what codes they have please? Are all the codes printed in the manual out on when the car is...
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    **PICS** Standard v S-Line suspension

    Ok so this topic has been discussed many times but I thought if get people to share their opinions once again on what they prefer and more importantly post pictures showing both suspension setups. Do you think the standard (lowered by 15mm) looks any different from the option S-Line suspension...
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    New car

    I was wondering if you placed an order would it be factory made or is there stock sat there waiting to be sold?
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    Which engine???

    So I have been wondering what to order and I'm between the 1.4 tfsi COD and the 2.0 tdi (150). I'm stuck on which would be better as I want the power and the best mpg but I'm not sure which will be better at both? I have read that the 1.4 COD is only returning 34 mpg!! Also will the 1.4 COD be...
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    Ok so I'm looking at both brokers and was wondering if people could share their experiences of both these brokers. How have people gone about buying their cars either through these brokers or just used the quote as a bargaining tool at a local branch.
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    Waiting times.....

    I wondered what the current waiting times are if you ordered a brand new A3 today? Are they still 6 months or is that only if you are wanting an S-Line or s tronic?
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    North-west Dealership

    Ok so the what does everyone think about Audi dealerships in the north west? Who's the best? What are your experiences with them and more importantly.....WHO GIVES THE BEST DEAL!!!