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  1. S3K

    Racedriver grid.

    Its a brilliant game....probably the best I have played out of all the others on the 360 IMO....
  2. S3K

    bad company 360

    I didnt like the demo so wasnt going to buy it but I did in the end and the multiplayer is enjoyable once you get into it and work out what your plans of attack are. I dont think its as good as COD4 but then again who knows if any other game will be? Its nothing like it so you cant compare...
  3. S3K

    forza 2

    Cant wait for the real looks and feels great.....bring it on :)
  4. S3K

    Crackdown (360)

    I played the demo and hated it. I then got the game and think its really good especially as you build up your skills. Getting to the top of the agency tower and base jumping from it is top fun and graphically pretty fine in HD too. Dont knock it until you try it cos I thought it was another...
  5. S3K

    Just about to buy

    Battlefield 2 just bought it....its a top FPS
  6. S3K

    Just about to buy

    PGR3 is pretty good and realistic as far as the cars capabilities go, its quite technical but Burnout Revenge is an OTT game with great crashes and explosions with no sense of reality which I found was more fun. PGR I found is good for online play but didnt really get into it with Burnout...I...
  7. S3K

    Gone and got a 360 today :)

    Am with BT. Got the official wireless microsoft adapter to plug into the back of the xbox which runs off the new router. Seems to run alot better when I aint downloading at the same time. I would rather run the pc off the ethernet point on the router and thats at the other side of the house so...
  8. S3K

    Gone and got a 360 today :)

    Gotta say again how impressive it all looks in HD. Not trying to wind you up or owt lol. Just signed up over there will have a better look later. Gotta sort out my wireless connection though. Apparently I am lagging quite a bit but it looks ok my end. A few theathing troubles me thinks. Ah well...
  9. S3K

    Gone and got a 360 today :)

    Looks ok...shall sign up a bit later. GR3 looks pretty damn good. Just seen the trailer but not much else. Is it gonna be on xbox live? If so me thinks we will be off to nettos this week shopping cos of the small fortunes spent on my 360 so far haha Guessing your Audi on that forum I am too...
  10. S3K

    Gone and got a 360 today :)

    Finaly got it all now on live And all the PC's and my PSP is wireless around the house. Fantastic. Played quite a few rounds of PGR last night and think its top. My gamer tag is Ringo179. Thought I might wanna change it. Just was quite surprised I managed to hook it all up. Not been...
  11. S3K

    Gone and got a 360 today :)

    Cheers bud will give it a proper look later. Still looks a likkle complicated lol....think I will stick to gas
  12. S3K

    Gone and got a 360 today :)

    Got the full system and must say its ****** 3 games with it...Project Gotham, Condemned and Dead or Alive 4. Graphics are great on my HD 42" plasma but would like to know how to get online? It came with an ethernet cable but what else do I need? I am already on broadband so what...
  13. S3K


    Just bought it yesterday for my PS2 and all I have to say is its fun ****** tastic. Anyone who is into FPS games need to own this. Its a shame its only one player but I can live with that. The graphics and sound are great, the explosions mega on a plasma tv and erm....I am just going back to...
  14. S3K

    PSP GAMES reviews

    You need to upgrade to 2.0 then downgrade to 1.5 using the downgrader....then u can run the emulators and isos as well as the homebrew stuff...
  15. S3K

    PSP GAMES reviews

    Just downgraded from 2.0 to ****** the emulators and iso's sorted and the world is my oyster with it now Get a 1gb memory stick and there are tons of stuff that can be done with firmware 1.5
  16. S3K

    Counter Strike.

    Just started playing it and am hooked. Shall check out yer site mate
  17. S3K Arcade...

    Bombjack and Horace goes Skiing would be cool