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  1. Audi_A31.8T

    Do we have club forum stickers?

    As above :) do we have stickers for the group? Of so who do I speak to about ordering some! Cheers
  2. Audi_A31.8T

    Audio question

    I have an a3 8l facelift model should I have a oem sub in the boot? Left hand side if so does any 1 have a part number cheers
  3. Audi_A31.8T

    Boost gauge in air vent

    Hey guys wanting to put a gauge in my air vent I know you can buy them but has any1 ever done a DIY job or any advice cheers
  4. Audi_A31.8T

    Lateral acceleration sensor?

    Need a new 1 of these g200 fault on vcds! Are they the same in most Audi or just a3?
  5. Audi_A31.8T

    Possible turbo failure??

    Ok haven't posted in while as was having some serious boost issues any way after a few emailed to badger 5 ltd (top guy) I fixed my boost issue was a weak fuel pump woohoo cars fixed but after a short run around the bloke my car started to squel almost like turbo squel it was doing it on...
  6. Audi_A31.8T

    Relay diagram

    Hi does any1 have a relay diagram for a 2000 a3 8l 1.8t it looks like I have a missing relay but don't link what if does thanks
  7. Audi_A31.8T


    Any 1 know what the missing fuse is for? I have an 8l 1.8t aum?
  8. Audi_A31.8T

    Clock swap?

    Hey guys my clocks are broken well the display in the centre the pixels have gone so I thought could I upgrade to s3 clocks do they have the same displays? and will they be a direct fit? Cheers
  9. Audi_A31.8T

    Accelerating issue boost issue help

    Right I've had this problem for ages was planning on taking my car to badger 5 but my tax has ran out so need to fix this before I can tax it! Hope Davidb1988 doesn't mind me using his video but the problem is explained on there very we'll. i know your all going to say get vag com etc but I...
  10. Audi_A31.8T

    Another stupid question n75 help

    Ok so been having these engine problems for ages every 1 saying misfire but I wasn't convinced up I can here the turbo spool and build boost but then it just backs off and judders pops etc i checked all the pipes yesterday and cleaned up all the wiring to the coils this morning still the same...
  11. Audi_A31.8T

    Maf sensor

    Hey guys have noticed something today I have an a3 2000 aum the maf has 5 pins in the connector but the connector in the car only has 4 wires? Is this right or is it the wrong maf?
  12. Audi_A31.8T

    Coil packs

    Ok have faulty coil packs but just wondering which ones do I get I have an aum engine but an aeb head which takes bolt down coils id like to get these as mine are just pushed in ATM but will the connections be the same?
  13. Audi_A31.8T

    N75 valve which way?!?

    Ok so from the 2 photos which way should it go I think I know and if in right it was the wrong way on my car. So can some1 tell the right way and what problems it would cause if it was wrong? Cheers
  14. Audi_A31.8T

    Maf sensor ?!?

    Ok so still having running problems and didn't even think to check maf so the maf looks like brand new but when I unplug it when the car is running there is no change most other cars the revs will drop or show signs that it's been unplugged! I'm thinking it maybe the wiring to the maf is there...
  15. Audi_A31.8T

    More vaccum help

    Ok so Tuffty give me a wicked guide but by the looks at my car I have no sai I got a new inlet as the old 1 the 2 vac outlets at the bottom was broken if I have no sai can I just use the 2 vacs off the bottom to run the d.v and the fpr? And just leave the n249 and the n112 electrically...
  16. Audi_A31.8T

    AEB Head?

    Hi I have a 2000 a3 with an aum engine but on the head it's stamped AEB can some1 tell is this an upgrade better worse Etc I need to replace the inlet will this make a difference? Thanks
  17. Audi_A31.8T

    Vacuum problem!

    Ok been having lots of running problems with my a3 1.8t the n249 bypass was a bodge I have an issue with this as the 2 nipples on the underside if the inlet have snapped off is there anyway of changing them? Thanks
  18. Audi_A31.8T

    N249 help

    Looking at my car today and the n249 bypass which was done by previous owner looked all wrong so started to remove it all and start again! Where is the best place to get vaccum from? As I feel it's making my car run poor the way it's set up atm also there is 1 pipe that runs from near the...
  19. Audi_A31.8T

    Engine mount issue!?!?!

    Hey guys pretty worried about this problem I got today there is an engine mount under the engine can think it's the rear lower mount the goes into the gear box where it bolts into the gear box the threads are gone so it won't stay bolted in! I was thinkng liquid metal? any help please??
  20. Audi_A31.8T

    Lambda sensors

    Getting a few faults code for lambda sensors so though if just replace them are they both the same or does any1 have part numbers I have a 2000 a3 1.8t aum engine code also where is the connections located thanks