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    Alloy insurance recommendations

    Does anyone have any recommendations for alloy insurance? My new X3 has 21s and I’ll be sharing with the wife who isn’t used to a car this size so I suspect they’ll be getting kerbed sooner rather than later
  2. A4B9

    Q3 New Q3 hire car

    I had the new Q3 35 tdi s line hire car this weekend and I was pleasantly surprised by how good it was, the interior is light years ahead of the previous version and it’s miles better than the current generation A3 (which I’ve never been a fan of). Touch screen is tricky to use whilst on the...
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    Damaged bumper

    So I've just got my car back from Tyneside Audi after they fixed my parking cameras and carried out some service campaign fixes (it was with them for a week and a half) and I've noticed some damage on the front bumper Can this kind of damage happen because of a stone or have they bumped it and...
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    Parking cameras have died

    So after nearly a year of ownership I have got my first problem; the parking cameras have stopped working and I have to relearn how to park the old fashioned way (with sensors of course...) Booked in with Audi to look at but the earliest date they had is 3 weeks away which is a pain. Getting...
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    iOS 10

    Has anyone updated their phone to iOS 10 and checked if everything still works with the MMI?
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    Winter is coming (sort of)

    With winter fast approaching, I'd be interested to know what winter tyres you'd recommend. I've never had winters fitted but with my A4 being the first quattro I've owned, I feel as though I should invest in a set to get the full benefits of it over the winter months. Along with that, what are...
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    Transportation blocks?

    Just noticed this orange piece on my rear suspension - is it a transportation block?
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    Map updates

    is anyone else having a problem updating map via my Audi? My install has been stuck on the final copying to target step - I've tried running it twice now without success
  9. A4B9

    Manual mode

    3 months in with my s tronic and I'm starting to miss having to shift up and down manually. I've tried manual mode a few times but it just doesn't feel right without a clutch pedal and I find using the paddles on the steering wheel incredibly awkward I've seen a few posts on the S3 board...
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    2 week review

    So i'll have had my car for 2 weeks tomorrow and in that time I've covered 1500 miles in that time so I thought this would be as good a time as any to post what I think of it! Picked her up from Coventry Audi and fair play to them, their prep was spot on according to my detailer. No swirls or...
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    The answer to that all important question

    Yes. The clock on the B9 does automatically update when the clocks change ;)
  12. A4B9

    dead flies

    it's getting to that time of the year where any sort of trip on an A road or motorway is going to end up with a load of dead flies splattered all over the front of your car. What's the best way getting rid of them?
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    MMI Connect app

    Have any of you fellow B9-ers been able to get the MMI Connect app to let you control the auxiliary heater and check if the car is locked?
  14. A4B9

    Best data plan for Audi connect

    What's the best mobile data plans out there for Audi connect? Found this from 3 which is a pre-loaded sim card with 12gb of data for 12 months for £30 On a side note, it's a bit **** you have to get your own data plan while BMW have an integrated SIM included at no cost
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    Value of new car when insuring

    When you get insurance on a brand new car, what do you tell the insurer is the value of the car? Putting down the price when the value will plummet the moment you leave the forecourt doesn't seem right and makes no sense when you have gap insurance in there as well covering any lossses
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    recommended detailers in north tyneside

    any detailers anyone could recommend in or near north tyneside? I've come across ddb valeting who are gtechniq accredited
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    Running in tdi engine

    do you need to run in a Diesel engine on a new car as the rpm are so low anyway or do you just drive them normally and hold off really putting your foot down and straying over 2000 rpm for the first 1000 miles?
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    FAO mods

    could you unlock the your Audi order tracking thread on here now that more people are placing orders or are close to doing so? Cheers @Sandra @Bristle Hound
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    How much is my car worth?

    I need to put my A5 up for sale ahead of picking up my new A4. How much is my car worth? I was given what I thought was a derisory valuation for it by my local dealer A5 SE 2009 (59 reg) 63000 miles on the clock 2.0 TDI Manual 18" wheels Electric folding heated wing mirrors Leather seats AMI...
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    Paying off finance straight away

    Has anyone bought a new car on finance and then paid off the finance straight away in order to pocket the finance contribution? Is there anything stopping you from doing that? Mods: feel free to close this down and deleting it if this is considered a bit dodgy