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  1. spartacus 68

    Electrical issues

    A scan with VCDS will reveal any errors as DK has mentioned. Could be as simple as a replacement battery. If it's original, then you've done well. With it being a convertible, is the interior bone dry, no leaks that could get into electrics? There's a fuse panel under the bonnet on the driver's...
  2. spartacus 68

    Audi A4 avant B9

    Fit high tensile bolts. Chances are the genuine Audi towbar is made by Westfalia or similar. Interesting thread here regards do not grease the bolts as you need to torque to final setting. First thing to do is get hold of the PDF fitting...
  3. spartacus 68

    What did you do to your audi today

    It's been an eventful week. Car passed its MOT last week at 60k miles, so treated it to a spring clean. Used PoorBoys Nattys carnuba wax which was really easy use, dressed tyres, the works. The original 2012 powder coated alloys are showing signs of needing a refurbish this year. Also fixed the...
  4. spartacus 68

    B8 rear door won’t open

    When you unlock the car can you hear that door in particular? If not, and assuming you don't have VCDS to scan the car, worth picking up a new lock actuator unit. Seems to be a common problem so second hand may be false economy. The slackness in the door handle may have exacerbated the problem...
  5. spartacus 68

    Rear brakes

    Do a complete brake rebuild with parts from Bigg Red. If it's not the brake sliders, it's corrosion under the dust sleeve not allowing the piston to retract. Bleed brakes afterwards, furthest wheel from the reservoir a corner at a time. Use a socket on the brake nipples. Wire brushed and apply...
  6. spartacus 68

    Help Please Water under driver's side carpet, need to remove dash panel!

    My advice before you start to haul out the dash, is hang fire. I'd be inclined to rule out everything else before you progress to some major work. You will also need a well lit workshop, this isn't the kind of thing you want to be doing on the driveway. Even a domestic garage is tight, just...
  7. spartacus 68

    Forte advanced diesel treatment

    Forte diesel conditioner, the nectar of the gods. Used to run my old B4 1.9TDI Avant, then my B5 2.5 TDI Avant quattro to reduce emissions before an MOT. For best results you can pour direct into the fuel filter when it used to be in the engine bay then drive it like you stole it. Used to smoke...
  8. spartacus 68

    Knocks From Front Suspension + Burst CV Boot.

    Interesting. If it failed rather than an MOT advisory on it, then what did they fit? Either the other parts are going or the revised parts are stressing them? 10 months is nothing. The N/S and O/S is a bit ambiguous, top arms, lower arms? Without details I'd be inclined to look towards a full...
  9. spartacus 68

    Tailgate problems on Avant. It tries to eat me.

    Seems you are not alone.
  10. spartacus 68

    A4 pre-facelift LED headlights to facelift xenon headlights

    From a B8 Allroad front perspective with xenons - it's sweet as a nut! I'll get my coat!
  11. spartacus 68

    Another battery issue (or not??)

    What's the voltage running. Should be around 14.5v if you have a multimeter, again you can run with VCDS. I've read a few similar threads that turned out to a faulty battery harness due to corrosion so battery wasn't charging properly from alternator. If it's the original battery, then that...
  12. spartacus 68

    Help Please Part identification - transmission/drive shaft

    This looks like it. Propshaft dampener. 1K0521307A Not sure if anyone else makes it. Febi and Meyle make them for A3, Q3, etc, but can't see it for A4 TFSI. Think Meyle call it a prop shaft flex disc...
  13. spartacus 68

    Rear wheel bearings

    Knew I'd seen another video somewhere. This is for a front B8 but approach will be the same for a quattro rear. Accessing some of those triple squares on the hub carrier looks like you need an long extension. Wheel can be turned on the front, so not sure about the rear, unless you release lower...
  14. spartacus 68

    Hose stuck on pressure washer

    Had the same think on my Karcher. Release the pressure as mentioned by can use a little marine grease on the thread afterwards.
  15. spartacus 68

    Help Please Car doesn't release fob

    Read a few reports of sticky keys. Have you tried your spare key just to rule out anything with the keys? Apparently the ignition lock isn't coded to the key so can be replaced. There's a video on YouTube that lacks any details (read the comments too) but shows the use of lithium grease I...
  16. spartacus 68

    2015 A4 Allroad timing belt cover ??

    Pretty sure it does. Can't think of a VAG car that doesn't, especially from a safety or contaminant perspective. Some garages write on timing belt changes, etc.
  17. spartacus 68

    Rear wheel bearings

    Remember and post up pictures afterwards, tools used and any tips. Always useful for others, thanks.:thumbs up:
  18. spartacus 68

    Rear wheel bearings

    Assuming you get the brake caliper, brake carrier, and dust shield out of the way and you've shifted the axle hub nut (you'll need breaker bar and extension), then the bearing carrier bolts can be loosened. Not done it, so not sure what access is like? Chances are the bearing carrier is seized...
  19. spartacus 68

    Rear wheel bearings

    Agreed, you could buy a Sealy 10T hydraulic bench press for £250 or less and do the job yourself if you had the space.
  20. spartacus 68

    S4 front calliper bleed screw - Audi Warranty

    Honestly, change dealership, that's atrocious. Bleed nipples do seize, but that said if I was faced with one I'd stick a 10mm socket on it after a little PlusGas and heat rather than use a hex spanner specifically for bleed nipples. Worse case scenario, if it breaks the remaining thread can be...