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  1. Teelmov

    Ford Focus RS

    Yes, it's actually sad. Because I was interested in these cars
  2. Teelmov

    Anyone for the BMW M3 in 2020?

    I am now also in the process of choosing which car to buy. I have wanted to change the car and buy a new BMW. I compare BMW M series. And I cannot decide better to buy M3 Sedan or M4 Coupe. The difference is small in price, but there is a difference in...
  3. Teelmov

    Xbox one gamer tags

    RA EVOL 7
  4. Teelmov

    Broken Quattro?

    What was it? How did you solve this problem? Interesting to know
  5. Teelmov

    New wheels BUT car feels Vague, a bad choice?

    I think the factory settings are still the best. You need to try several options and stay at the most acceptable option. I think so. By the way, you can appreciate my tires and forged wheels Motion Wheels, I installed recently. I really like the new sensations. I now feel more responsive...
  6. Teelmov

    Xbox Game...

    Yes, this is my favorite game.